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arcee Jul 2019

you were a supernova caving in,
burning so bright you burned yourself.
a mighty flame that lit up the night sky,
falling and crashing from its own scalding flames;
self-destruction rips a hole in itself,
leaving a wreck that ****** in anyone
that got too close.
arcee Jul 2019
the coffee's too bitter
and i'm losing my tether
to the world of dreams
grounding me to reality.
i think i want to sleep but
the coffee's too bitter,
and my mind takes a thought
and runs with it.

i'm feeling it, feeling hopeless
bloom in my chest again.
i think that i don't care for once.
****, sadness won't
let me rest again.
i'll just fail for once.
let me fail for once.

i'm tired but the coffee tastes bitter
on my tongue.
i should be studying but
i'm getting so hung
over my spinning mind.
it feels nice to unwind
when you're so high strung.

i'm falling into this black hole,
and i fear that i don't really mind.
so where's the point,
where's the light dawning down on me?
where's my epiphany?

bitter coffee makes me bitter,
makes me sadder,
makes me think harder
about where i'm supposed to be.

now it's 1 am and i can't sleep.
the ice has melted in the cup.
i'm self-admittedly in love with
the idea of not giving a ****.
- i forgot i even wrote this till i found it in my notes two months later
- wrote this when i should've been studying for my calc finals (which i was gloriously failing)
Lari Z Aug 2018
a tilting planet
sun sets and sways
but i am rooted to the ground.

— The End —