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Jenny Moran Nov 2019
I haven't showered in four days
what's the point if I just get ***** again?

I haven't eaten a healthy meal in weeks
what's the point if the weight piles on anyway?

I haven't smiled in three months
that's when I stopped loving me.
Jenny Moran Nov 2019
every day I spend away from you
returns me back to normal
I belong to myself for once

if you're near
everything I've been practicing disappears  
I'm yours again

just let me breathe on my own
and set me free
from your controlling grasp
and your unyielding touch
and let me be me
Jenny Moran Nov 2019
I canʼt erase the feeling of your lips
Trailing their way up and down my thighs
The way your teeth dig into my hips
The playful smirk while staring in your eyes

My mind still constantly thinks of you
The way you feel pressed against my back
I know Iʼm really not supposed to
But I miss your fingertips dancing around my neck

I donʼt know how you have such a hold on me
I canʼt even control my own thoughts
Itʼs getting harder for me to even see
The if thens and the what nots

Your eyes, they take me to a place
I really think they do.  
No, I think we need some space,
Baby, that's all you.

You laugh, you scream, you cry.
Embarrassed I'm seeing you this way,
You're beautiful with tears in your eyes.
I don't know what else to say.
I’ve been battling all of my emotions through poetry recently, so here are a few :)
  Nov 2019 Jenny Moran
TearDrop Girl
You are poison.
You are venom.
You are the villain in my tale.
You are the bully in my life.
You are the nightmare keeping me awake.
You are the monster under my bed.
You are the wolf chasing me in my dreams.
You are all of these things.
And God gave you life and brought you to me.
  Nov 2019 Jenny Moran
Be patient with me
I’m still a work in progress

Somedays I seem put together
But that paint’s not dry just yet

One day I’ll get this right
I’m sorry
Jenny Moran Nov 2019
it’s a trial you know,
standing by your side.
it’s a test of my strength,
my courage, my pride.
do I want to give up?
give up in us?
what us?
it never existed
it was all in my head
i let myself think there was a
meaning behind the bed.
but you were my demon
sitting deep in the dark
waiting to pounce
waiting for that spark
you took my feelings and shoved them aside
just because you were worried about you
and your pride
I am not significant enough
for you to spend your thoughts on
well yeah, that’s pretty rough
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