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I screamed, I shouted
Gave half of my voice to let it all out
My mouth a chasm and words poured out
But like a balloon that ran out of air
My words made no difference
To the person that should care
Her mind of steel could not understand
That those words were right and true

A new year has come and will leave too
But problems from 2019 will come for me soon
I spoke my mind for the first time
And all I got was stares like I was a mime
I cannot stop, I am not free yet
And continue writing my sorrows
In cheap, bitter poetry
When I am Savage:
Things break, gifts from you
Memories fade, the happy moments with you
Seclude myself, reality's forgotten rope made by you
Emotions rise, anger locked away broke its chain for you
Red lights, I grow crimson when I see you

What I Salvage:
My heart, filled with what is dear
The smiles, exchanged in happiness
The days, relaxing on Cloud 9
The jokes, roaring like a fool
The time, given to me by you
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
From the beginning your virtues were wrong
Love and caring were far from your mind
You had more important things then me
In your life when it went wrong
So you left me alone in a wretched state 'till dawn
The one relief was a screen at age five
That took up my time and your space in my mind
Nine years later, still long way from calling you home
That problem grew bigger that I had to intervene
Now I am stuck until you leave me alone
My little relief grew vast and fast
But I will never forgive that treacherous past
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Muscle, blood, veins, joints
Baggy jeans, messy hair
You see what you want
I am more then your unwanted toy
Passion, sorrow, happiness, guilt
I breathe, sing, and cry
You make choices for me
While I sit in front of you
Throw every freedom I have
When I am with you
Every second is a test for me
Every minute is a victory for you
But your eyes deceive reality
What is sitting on the chair
Is just a doll with skin and bones
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Your mom says that I'll ruin
The nice suit you wear
Your dad wishes to wipe
The troublesome stain on his son
They look at me with sneers
I am all but a thorn
In their world of glass roses
So they ignore the poor soul
That holds her heart on her shoulder
They neglected me and now
I will show my claws and fangs
"Those who have nothing, fear nothing."
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Would I slap them if I could...
Would I choke them if I could...
I would try to knock some sense while I do...

Would I speak, honey lies, if I could...
Would I tape their mouths if I could...
I would sent them far away if I could...

They have tortured my mind
Made me wish I were blind
What they would do
So that I cry, tears of mentality
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
D emons dancing down underneath
E vil words slipping out its mouth
M onsters await at every corner
O minous feelings crawl into my brain
N either dead or alive, I float in between
"Stay dead" they said, but I was gone by then
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