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J C Lynch Jun 2015
It's been awhile since that nightmare;
I haven't cried since then.
I've never cried tears of joy
or wept out of fear
like I did in your kitchen

Failing to protect ones I love
is a haunting notion.

You're a living ghost that
reminds me of a mistake.
A Victorian-era opaque mist
that keeps me up most nights,
reminding me of the edge I walked

You inspire equal parts of
love, terror, and loyalty

Although we made it through
that hell physically unscathed,
we didn't make it out unchanged.
Overramped on stolen speed
Living apparition, don't ever leave

I understand what happens when
a piece of you is given to another:
you grow as you give.
When part of you dies, you feel it
for the entirety of your life
Written out reflection of the most important and cataclysmic event almost one year later.
J C Lynch Jun 2014
Regrets are for those
Who make bad decisions
And everyone who
Lacks intuition

Those with a
Bountiful perspective
Don't lack the
Requisite objective

To get through life
In a satisfied way
Though they might
Never break away

From the monotony
Of daily life that
Leaves you wanting
Something not flat
J C Lynch Jun 2014
I was raised
On fairy tales
And promises

I was weaned
On cynicism
sarcasm and
No sincerity

I yearn for

I get a mix
And a dis-
Of organs

Simplicity is
Lacking &
Our desires
Don't mesh
Optical focus, a visual poem.
J C Lynch May 2014
If all men want
is an ******,
they'd stay home.

*** isn't one-dimensional
neither are we.
The goal is

Reassurance we
aren't monsters
That we're interesting
and attractive

That rejection is only
and that someone is
willing to be vulnerable

if only for the night
with us.
Someone only
needs us

and we need them.
Possessive and jealous?
To keep what is ours,
our purpose.

Our purpose is
To be wanted,
to be accepted.
Spoken word
J C Lynch May 2014
The greeting is the same
the minutia is the difference
Point A and Point B
are always constant

Like a craftsman with
his toolkit and techniques
nothing is out of sync
with expectations

It's not a game any longer
it has become a chore
motions to go through.
Ten minutes in.... threw in a wrench
into my machinations of
dialogue and movement. don't bore me.
It's a game once again,
and we both intend to win.

Let's play
To the ones who've held my rapt attention
J C Lynch Mar 2014
I found quiet reflection
in the city tonight,
quieter than any dirt road
we have back home.

Bus brakes squealed
over bar patrons carousing.
Life in a snapshot vacuum,
solitude in the sound.

I found myself on a
stone wall tonight,
I could see through
the years to the end.

Footsteps w/ghosts
mingled w/ those present.
Life in self-discovery,
comfort in realization.
J C Lynch Mar 2014
Let's fall in love every Tuesday
It's a product of conspiracy
and best laid plans.

Let's be spontaneous every weekend
Meticulous details notwithstanding
Spontaneity not outstanding
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