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 Oct 2015 Javaria Waseem
 Oct 2015 Javaria Waseem
my lungs,
infatuated by the smell of smoke,
all I know,
is my walls,
are going up in flames.

 Aug 2015 Javaria Waseem
A Writer
I wish I could tear my skin away to show you the scars unseen.
So you could see how my hearts been beaten and battered,
Stomped, forgotten,
And worst of all,
ripped apart.
If you could see the story of my heart,
Yours would cry for mine.
But this thick skin doesn't open up easily,
Or for just anyone.
It protects so that my heart sustains no more injuries or pain.
What if?
I want to embrace you and you push me away
What if?
All I want from you is to stay
What if?
I disappear one day
What if?
This is the last goodbye I say
What if?
I  become nothing but clay
What if?
Without me your life moves on anyway
what if?
I stop expecting and quit this play
what if?
This all makes you feel gay
I saw his life departing from this world
Who knew that the shadow of death was following him like a whirl
I saw his life arriving at a new station
Who knew he had a ticket of which he didn't have any notion
He departed without saying goodbyes
Who knew for he was too young to leave these joys
I saw how helpless a human is about his life
Who knew that this world is nothing but a disguise
My brother's friend died a Sudden death by an electric shock. I have seen him and he was like he is not going anywhere.  Or at least not so early. He was young and strong. But these Sudden deaths are reminders . That we are Mortal and we should not forget our reality.
I do not write about the joys of life
Or the calm and gentle quiet of nature.
There is too much faked joy in the world.

I do not write about love and loss.
I dare not tug at the fragile threads
That bind old wounds in rememberance.

I do not write about worldly truths
And the fallacies that we are often told.
I have forgotten them ― outgrown.

I do not write about my thoughts
For fear that I cannot find the words to fit
And that my mind will soon consume me.

I do not write ― I bleed.
Hello again.
It's been awhile.
The last time I saw you
Was back in high school.
How are you?
What are you up to?
Well I can honestly say
I don't miss you.
Sorry for the blunt honesty
But you kind of made my life a living hell
Crushing my dreams before I even knew what they were
Everyday you tore off another layer of skin
Everyday I came closer to bleeding
My emotions were your toy
And you played with me like a toddler
I never asked for you to tag along
And when I asked you to leave
You clung tighter
Your nails digging further into my shoulder
Causing permanent scars
No matter how many times I asked politely
No matter how many times I screamed in agony
You always followed
You consistently throw me under the bus
But I still find myself defending you
Defending you
That's all I've ever done
And now
I'm all alone
With no one to play with
No one to tag along with
No one to laugh with
No one to talk with
No one
Idek anymore ...
 Apr 2015 Javaria Waseem
We need no one's approval.
We are poets, not pleaders.
We just need to express.
Let's**   escape   to   another  world
A  world   where  wishes  come  true
Take   my   hand  and  trust  me
Don't  be  afraid  my  dear
  I'll   be  with    you
he said to me and I was stupid enough
I held his hand and thought we were two
So if it  gets dark, I wouldn't be scared
As he with his colors will turn me blue
But on the way to our destination
He left my hand
He said that with me he could not stand
He left me alone right in the middle of forest
But for me it was just  a barren land
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