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haylee beckim Jun 2018
Today was my last day of school for my sophomore year of high school. A lot of people hate school, don't think its cool or just really don't care. That's not the case for me, to conclude, school has helped my life tremendously.

I'm currently 16 years old, and three and a half years ago I was homeless and using drugs on the streets of my hometown of Dallas, Texas. These three years I have completely turned my life around; everything I got from the streets, I left there when my grandmother took me in. From then on I lived in Richmond, Maine and still do.

In my time of being homeless, I was also not attending school for my 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade year. Without that knowledge I would've learned, It set me back in my education. This should explain to you why I am truly proud of myself for making it this far in high school.

Next year I will be a junior, and taking a course to be a certified nurses assistant which means I will graduate with a guaranteed job, thanks to the amazing school I attend.

I felt I should document this moment In my Hellopoetry account, but also felt the need to publish it if anyone just wanted to read. Don't give up guys, we are so capable of anything we want to do.
haylee beckim Jun 2018
A blur of sparklers at night during the summer and getting burned every time.
2. The blue and pink colors of the Texas sky that looks like a ****** painting
3. The almost unbearable warmth that made you want to sleep in the fridge
4. My stepdad would ask me what I wanted for dinner because mom wasn't home and neither of us knew where she was
5. I remember being horrified of the doctors and my stepdad blowing up gloves and drawing faces on them.
6. That everyone that it was weird I liked my marshmallows for smores almost chard
7. I thought my fashion sense was amazing, with my Hannah Montana shirt and glitter perfume.
haylee beckim Jun 2018
A bug flies by and says hello,
purple and yellow, in my yard blow.
The tan on my skin proves the sun beats hard,
a warmth and breeze puts my mind at ease
So please be kind and leave me be.
A bee flies too close,
and puts a knot in my throat
so I run back to my cot
On a rusty old on a boat
The very next day
I had taken the same way
to my own personal sea bay
Where waves greet me sincerely.

Sadness is a rarity.
haylee beckim Apr 2018
I could be your therapist or the stripper you take home.
haylee beckim Apr 2018
Imagine if you were truly happy with yourself. How many things you could accomplish just knowing you're capable.
Imagine your own business that is outstandingly successful, and you are pursuing your passion.
Imagine if your home was how you wanted it to be, and imagine if your garden actually began to grow.
Imagine you have the cutest dog, and picture its billions of toys and puppy sweaters.
You can perceive anything you want, but it's about making it a reality.
haylee beckim Dec 2017
It is selfish to wish the past be different
How dare you question fate
She gave you the gift that shaped you into yourself
There is a reason for what happened
There’s a reason why and what for
and it is only you who can figure.
haylee beckim Nov 2017
It appears I have become content with my uniqueness. I am what some call weird, I love to make myself laugh by being ridiculous, I dance in store isles to make someone laugh, i say stupid things and I love all of these things about me. The people who call this weird must be such a bland and boring person. Live a little!
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