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  Dec 2018 Hannah Reber
grumpy thumb
Beyond the passion of colour
the wind is crawling over trees
clawing at loose clothing
and things
not tethered or secure.
Beyond empathic words uttered
it sings hollow
and then a full
settling its breath
to a sigh as it dies
beyond the texture it brings.
With nothing to mark
its existance except thee.
Hannah Reber Dec 2018
The clothes on my back...

I can feel them brushing against my skin~

The words of my family

I hear them flooding into my brain

Little flares of light,
I see them into a rushing blur
The responsibility of my age
Watching as the world turns to chaos

The clothes
They restrict me
Strangling me all at once

The Family
They whirl around me
Words pouncing
Steps thundering
Conversations surrounding

Flares roaring
The sight
of the atomosphere...
Raging..........Sparking.......Lighting up
The storm of chaos...Pouring down..Winds of complete and utter colors whipping my mind into a blender. Everything becomes blurry, The stress from all the sounds, the color, the people, the lights, the feelings of clothes, remembering responsibility. Everyone telling me to CALM DOWN

HOW IN HELL am I supposed to CALM DOWN!!!!

My world is I flames BURNING IN MY BRAIN

EVERYTHING CRUMbeling around me,
my mind lumps together, turning to mush
my fingers becoming useless,
everything falls through the surface
as I leave the room
abandoning my responsibilities

The family thinks of me as a monster
I swore words in the form swords at them
All I wanted was the chaos to stop
All I wanted was to stop
the clothes to stop strangling
the light to stop rushing by
the words to stop pounding in my ears
the world,
I just needed it to stop..

I am not a monster

I am not trying to be rude

I just wanted to breathe

I was just stressed.

Don't think of me as a monster,
I do not mean to be.

I am just

Hannah Reber Oct 2018
His eyes dripped gold
Streaming colors
Her eyes beamed bold
Feeling wonders

Drip Drop the Droplets of Guilt

His heart sank low
Loosing soul
Her heart rose high  
Feeling whole

Drip the Droplets of Guilt

His life lost hope
Sinking fast
Her life ran far
Afraid to look back

The Droplets of Guilt

His cold end
Splitting chills
Her cold beginning
Never feeling real

Droplets of Guilt
Hannah Reber Feb 2018
Padded Paws
Quirky Smile
Tip Tapping Claws
Skipping Fool
Knotted Fur
Jumping Attention
Everything Else A Blur
Funny Puppy
Extension of Love
Beyond Enough
Love I Hold
For The
Hannah Reber Aug 2017
You The,
Oxygen Thief.
You The,
Sight Giver.
You The,
Life Holder.
You The,
One For Me.

Pumping blood as quick as the wind
Seeing much and taking it in
Electric thoughts flooding to
Touching the chilled skin expecting you

You The,
Logic Fighter,
You The,
Worry Freer
You The,
Feeling Embracer,
You The,
One For Me.
Hannah Reber Oct 2016
The voice from the dead came out to haunt
while the words of his mouth began to taunt
yet the demons played with my soul
even though I couldn't be sold
I know I'm not much of a human
when i creep and crawl
yet i know I'm much more of a person
than the purest beings who always fall
I want a way out
a way to be free
yet here i am worth nothing but a simple
I need a light
a shiny being
to help me out
of my worst things
You there!
You with the perfect eyes
you with the personality that can't tell a lie
can I be with you?
can you see me?
or am i only a meaningless being?
i need you in my life,
the one i know who will give me rights
the person i need is the soul you keep
yet I'm still here without a leap
help me please
i know I'm not much
yet if you are an angel
then can't you have mercy?
can't you give me wings to fly?
to go up so high
till i can't breathe
till i am not even in the sky?
i just need a way out
i know the quite and the silence
brings you down
but please bury me in the ground!
i just need
i just need a single
Hannah Reber Oct 2016
That ghost,
That ghost which stares,
That ghost which stares into my soul...
Where will it end up,
Where will it go.
In the dark
In the dark he goes
In the dark he slithers away.
Never to found in the light of day.
Living in the panic,
Smiling at few,
Withering away,
To be loved only by the moon.
I don't know where
I don't know how
I don't know when
I don't know who,
All I know is that ghost
That single ghost
Lurks in the reflection
Lurks in the eyes of you...
Lurks in the eyes of me...
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