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Folake Aug 4
The path I walk looms over me like the darkness that falls at night
But today I see that sliver of light, that of the moon in dark skies.
Maybe I don't have to be sad anymore
Cerb99 Jan 2019
Far in the depths of a barren land
There lived a child with the gift of song.
She would sing through the day with hand in hand,
Waiting for someone to come along.
Some lost soul in search of hope,
Some wanderer from ages past,
There to aid the young kid cope
With the lonesome thoughts of the badland vast.
To be continued...
Hannah Reber Oct 2016
The voice from the dead came out to haunt
while the words of his mouth began to taunt
yet the demons played with my soul
even though I couldn't be sold
I know I'm not much of a human
when i creep and crawl
yet i know I'm much more of a person
than the purest beings who always fall
I want a way out
a way to be free
yet here i am worth nothing but a simple
I need a light
a shiny being
to help me out
of my worst things
You there!
You with the perfect eyes
you with the personality that can't tell a lie
can I be with you?
can you see me?
or am i only a meaningless being?
i need you in my life,
the one i know who will give me rights
the person i need is the soul you keep
yet I'm still here without a leap
help me please
i know I'm not much
yet if you are an angel
then can't you have mercy?
can't you give me wings to fly?
to go up so high
till i can't breathe
till i am not even in the sky?
i just need a way out
i know the quite and the silence
brings you down
but please bury me in the ground!
i just need
i just need a single
Tehreem Jun 2016
She is trapped
Inside the walls
Of his words
Lost and confused

Terrified tongue tied
Screaming within
Constantly running
Around him...
Set her free.
R Arora Jan 2016
There’s got to be a way out.
I’ve been struggling in this swamp for months.
Thought to keep striving was the key.
But it seems like the key has rusted,
Not working any more.
It has been too long to be patient.
Nobody helped,
For the fear of being dragged in the situation.
I still didn’t back out,
Tried to stand firmly,
And search for a rope.
A rope of time,
That was supposed to lengthen,
To help me,
To make things better.
Looks like it has only become shorter.
Passersby say-
“You can’t escape it”,
I feel disheartened,
I think about giving it a last try,
In case this time I am able to hop out.
Oh boy! That was a great moment!
They were all flabbergasted!
With all my strength,
And my courage pulled together,
I came out!
Stood on the ground,
Contrary to their remarks.
Then I realized,
There’s always a way out.
It sort of happened to me.
After all, we all write something that is directly, or passively linked to us. Believe it or not. Your life will always be reflected in the thoughts you pen down. :)
Dr zik Apr 2015
One who can not make change in oneself
Is it possible for him to make a change in others?
A flower that can't blossom
How can it emit a fragrance?
One who can't make determination
How can he find a way out?
One who doesn't know you
How can he talk about you?
One who can't struggle in darkness
How can he make a journey to light?
Morning is for those who've struggled at night
Isabelle Perla Mar 2015
We all believe in something great that we will witness,
In this sea of hopeful people, everybody's got the sickness.

I'm not the only one who wants a way out; we all want to be free.
There's no cure this far down, we've got the dreamer's disease .

— The End —