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Jul 30 · 447
Are you there?
Amara Jul 30
As I wander this land
I've got loneliness
clinging onto my hand

Unknown footsteps
disrupt my journey
my lips shiver
my eyes teary

As I begin my run
I scream your name
my throat goes dry
by eyes see no one

I continue my screams
my feet bleed
and I wonder
if I'm somebody you don't need

Mr.Unknown's steps seize
a wonderful escape indeed

Yet I fall to the ground
weep and lay
because you're never there
be it night or day
Jul 27 · 1.4k
She's in love
Amara Jul 27
I can feel,
your heart racing, crying for his touch
Your eyes chase him constantly
while mine chase you just as much

A soft pink color brushes your face
I realize,
he probably looked your way
As I watch you sink deeper in love
I write words
I wish I could say

Love me now or love me later
trust me, doesn't matter
I just hope you love me once
before I drift somewhere farther
May 19 · 887
Amara May 19
Late night
my heart gets reminded of you
somber feelings, I try to fight
a terrible defeat
blood of blue

Generous load
of tears I've spent
words on paper
my only treatment

'doesn't matter the distance' they say
my only response
'try loving our way'
All the love poems I write are about my girlfriend. I love her more than words could ever convey...unfortunately, we'll be forced to breakup after a few months due to many reasons. We knew our relationship wouldn't last long due to the 'reasons' when we first started dating...but decided to go for it coz neither of us thought it would be this beautiful and this tough to let go. The time of our separation hasn't come yet but every time we're apart, I miss her and it hurts. Scares me how I'll handle the real deal.
May 19 · 2.1k
Forever was never there
Amara May 19
I miss you
now, tomorrow, day after
shouldn't have fallen
should've been smarter

Forever was never there
we knew
but didn't care

Reached the end
unfortunately, developed
too many scars
to mend

So close, so fast
forever was never there
we knew
wish we didn't care
May 13 · 2.1k
It's okay
Amara May 13
We're sitting in our haven
cozy environment to
heal every crack
with you,
no lack

I caress you differently
from other times
so you pull me in
but guilt fills your eyes
"It's okay" all I say
half cry
you embrace me
doubts, shatter away.
May 10 · 1.3k
Amara May 10
Wish my adoration for you was known by you
wish you could somehow discover me
like a little plant my love for you grew
and this plant will never wilt, a promise I make to you

I hope one day this poem doesn't make sense
because you'll be mine
and I'll be surrounded by your fragrance
May 10 · 1.7k
3 wishes: YOU
Amara May 10
Who knew falling for you
could be this easy
I just know
every since you,
I've never been weary

I know I must not
care for you as much
separation is near
no, I never forgot

so kiss me hard
one last time
after which
you'll just be a wish, I make
with my every dime
Feb 2022 · 70
Hope you read this often
Amara Feb 2022
I'm not here to talk about your sparkling eyes
or your rose petal like lips
or how much I love the sound of your laugh
coz I know, you know how much I love those things
about you..
Just want you to know-
that you make me feel warm, you make me feel loved
and if life's a war
then I
don't want you to be my armor
coz armors feel the pain of the soldier
so fight the war with me, not as an armor
but my partner and we'll win....

I still have your old love notes in a box
and I realized that your box must be empty
I can never put into words
what you mean to me
But I tried... this one is for you..
to keep in your box
hope you read it often.
May 2021 · 195
Amara May 2021
Different colors, different places
Different clothes, different races
beneath the clothes, all human
lets be clement and not so sullen
Don't wait, change shall not come
be the change, never succumb!
Apr 2021 · 111
Black, not guilty
Amara Apr 2021
"If only people looked within me
If only my color didn't matter
they hate me!
they make my heart shatter...

At a tender age
they made me feel
like a bird in a cage

People of 'my kind'
survive not for long...
those people don't listen
they just know
we are wrong

Don't treat us like this
why can't we live with
no hatred and bliss?"
Apr 2021 · 88
A little respect
Amara Apr 2021
"Some days, I sleep starving
I can't escape this life...
you humiliate me,
you look down on me,
you don't treat me right
you make me work,
day and night
but I say nothing
I do everything for you!
just so that
I sleep with my stomach full tonight
Please don't treat me so bad
a little respect
would make me so glad!"

— The End —