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Sep 2015 · 399
From A Heart Sep 2015
Am I only equivalent to my words?
If this is the case, then you define me, as I am only memories
You could remember every line I said last year,
But not recall my words from a minute ago.
Accept me for my wholeness.

Will you judge me for how I feel?
Don't worry, I will realize I am wrong
But for now I am right.
All is ask is that you don't dismiss me.
Accept me for my wholeness.
Sep 2015 · 298
From A Heart Sep 2015
I like rollercoasters.
I like going so fast that I don't have time to worry or think, just trust.
Sep 2015 · 1.7k
From A Heart Sep 2015
do we
those things we...
we think about?

we think about
those things we
do we?
Sep 2015 · 276
From A Heart Sep 2015
I will leave this all
Behind for You, if I must.
For Your will, not mine.

'Cause I can't decide
If You placed me here, or if
it was if fact, I.
Praying and waiting.
Sep 2015 · 569
From A Heart Sep 2015
Write what you feel; not
To be noticed or envied,
But to be honest.
a haiku
Sep 2015 · 14.6k
Of Raindrops and Tears
From A Heart Sep 2015
    envy tears Because
  they glide gently down
 cheeks, And aren't falling
onto concrete? Do raindrops
envy tears As they come from
   pure emotion And aren't
        equivalent to vapor?

                                                      ­                                                         Do tears
                                                                ­                             envy raindrops
                                                       ­                             Which have no say
                                                                ­              in their falling And don't  
                                                         ­                    have to feel ashamed? Do    
                                                                ­          tears envy raindrops Because
                                                                ­             they need not feel pain, Or  
                                                                ­                   fear or heartbreak?
Sep 2015 · 621
From A Heart Sep 2015
Do not define my silence
As something of no use.
For a lamp sheds only lights;
The sun gives only life.

Do not mistake my silence
As a lack of things to say
For I'll only utter value,
Only think it over in my brain.

Do not confuse my silence
With something of no worth.
For my silence is golden
Yet capable of hurt.

Do not mistake my silence
For an I do not love you
For it means just quite the opposite
No words could relay this to you.
Sep 2015 · 274
From A Heart Sep 2015
I left you hints.
You took them
And returned them.
We drew closer.

I left you words.
Which you memorized
And returned to.
We grew closer.

I left you images.
Which you won't forget
And what if's
We might have lived.

I left you songs.
From my heart
Yet I am sorry
We might need to part.

I left you clues.
I didn't mean for this,
For you to feel this way
And yet maybe I did.

Was it wrong?
I don't know.
But I know me
And that's good.

So I can't anymore
But I wish you well
But you don't let me go
Now I don't want to write this...
I left you.

just in case.
Sep 2015 · 210
From A Heart Sep 2015
What is art if not raw emotion, blood on canvas?
I'm not sorry for the words I write or the thoughts I think.
Sep 2015 · 185
To you.
From A Heart Sep 2015
Because I can't see you anymore
Because I'll miss your eyes
And your head against my shoulder

Because I don't want to leave you
Because I will long for you
And your laughs

Because I won't forget this
Because I will remember you
And the short time we had

But because I shouldn't love you
Because I will most probably get hurt
And most importantly, definitely will you.
I want to write something beautiful for you, but it's not always easy to be eloquent when you're in pain.
Sep 2015 · 1.5k
From A Heart Sep 2015
Ako ba'y sinusubukan nanaman?
Tumigil na ba ang dating tumitibok?
Hindi mo kasalanan, binibigay mo na lahat

Pero ako ang maiiwang wasak,
Nasusunog at manhid; kapag
Nagtapos ang kalokohang 'to

Am I being tested again?
Has what once beat now come to a stop?
It's not your fault, you give everything

But I'm the one who will be left broken,
Burning, and numb; when
This foolishness comes to an end
Sep 2015 · 7.7k
Sabi na eh
From A Heart Sep 2015
Sinabi ko na nga ba
May hindi ako alam

Malinaw na ngayon
Salamat sa paalam

Sinabi ko na nga ba
Ngayo'y intindi na

'Wag kang mag-alala

Sanay na rin naman akong umasa
huwag mo nang problemahin
Sep 2015 · 683
Don't Light a Fire
From A Heart Sep 2015
Because I'm scared of being engulfed in flames
And that you'll leave me burning
While I watch you
Blow out your matches,
Walk away,
And not do the same*
To someone else
Sep 2015 · 4.3k
From A Heart Sep 2015
Forgive me, my love
My numb heart beats too fast
It twisted your words into lies
It turned your intentions to motives

My foolish heart makes me doubt
And you have gotten closer
Mend it, if you please
But make it quick

My deceitful heart will fool me
Its lies will be truths
And may never be honest again
But then neither will you

So please hurry,
Save my heart from freezing
For you're turning antagonist
Becoming stone
just in case

— The End —