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Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Can you see me?
I see you, I see you even in my dreams.
The ones with you painted in them are always my favorite.
Can you hear me?
I always hear you.
On days when I'm alone I wish nothing more than to hear your handsome voice fill the room with life and colors.
Can you feel me?
When my fingers touch yours, or when I watch the way you so cutely do certain things, or even when as I listen to you speak through my eyes I scream at you "I love you"?
But more importantly, can You love Me too?
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Break me down from within.
Its okay, if were not comiting a sin.
Make me scream from inside out.
Make me pout.
Do it strong, do it soft.
Do it long, do it short.
Break me down until I'm yelling YES!
Baby, put my body to the test.
I wanna be an animal for a while.
Let's make each other smile.
Set me lose from this cage.
Let's engage.
Let me show you just what I can do.
I'll be sure to make you go ouhh.
Let's get closer than never before.
Sugar, its only you that I adore.
Now just BREak  Me!
Sorry if this poem is a little strong.
If you make me beg for it
I will make sure
You will be begging me to stop.
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
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Field Of Moons Oct 2014
Waking up with stinky breath reminds me of yesterday night. O.O
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
To herself, she was perfect, how could anybody resist?

Of course men, boys, guys from all over, would be lined up, all for her attention.



She worked so ******* her body during winter, just to be noticed on hot summer beaches.

She always did her hair, her makeup, her nails, always had the best outfits.

After all, she was a beauty.

Wouldn't you agree.......?

DUH!! Xp

Only.............time passed...and couples of all types appeared.

I'm beautiful, she thought, I'm special.

Surly, my man will come, someone to love ME <3.

Men came.....but not for love.

For ***.

She was *** material,
after all look at the effort she put forth into her looks, we know what she wants.........,.... the D!! XD

Only, she wished they had stayed.... she wished they had loved HER.

The real her. v.v

The her she so deeply hated herself.

Surly somebody will like me.

Definitely, right?

If no one does, its okay because she knows the feeling all too well.

But every morning, she wakes up and looks in the mirror to see an eager, smiling ready face and the bruises.

The memories are nothing but a distant nightmare, coated in sugar.

Coated in the thousand voices in her head telling her,
it never happened,
your beautiful,
everyone is jealous of you,
your perfect,
your special.
Well at least to me.......:*

This is why she loves herself, because no one EVER will....<\3
Field Of Moons Oct 2014
To react or not to react....that is the question.
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