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Dianna Jan 2015
most see me as if i were a dull and muddy pond
not worth looking at,
but if you actually were to look deeper
you would see that there are worlds
hidden within me
is it wrong for me to feel like i'm worth something every once in a while?
Dianna Nov 2014
please take me away
            to a place far from reality
i'm such a contradiction.....
Dianna Aug 2014
Acidic,sour,pleasing both delightful and delish
draws me close,comforts me yet sends signals that brew deep from inside of me

why do you i feel you have disaffection towards my very being ?

why must you make me feel safe,muting all my fears and easing my inhibitions?

please tell me.... long will you leave me in the dark ?
Dianna Aug 2014
your words wash over me,like crashing waves upon rocky shores
constantly haunting me night after night...
what is it that you want ?
nothing seem to make sense to me anymore and honesty in a different light it never
Dianna Aug 2014
late in the night
when your mind isn't occupied
it's roaming free
brewing and simmering
starting to boil
before you know it
it's overflowing
spilling out,turning into ideals
memories and things
you never thought would happen
filling you like warm tea or
cocoa fills others up in the cold winter
what comes to mind ?
what brings tears to your eyes ?
or simply
fills you with joy ?
have been having writer's block so i am just writing to be writing,feels rather nice....
Dianna Aug 2014
oh little dark cloud that follows me everywhere i go
why rain heavy on me when i am already feeling very low?
is it not enough that on the inside i feel a mixture of humid and cold?

little dark cloud if you please
let me finally feel at peace.....
lighten up and let the sun break through and shine
it's warm rays down on me

little dark cloud full of sorrow and tears
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