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Dianna Jul 2014
Erase my mind
I do not want  these memories
I do not want to think

Rip out my heart
I do not want these feelings
I do not want to care

Burn my body*
until there is nothing left
I never wanted to exist

I never wanted to exist
I still don't

I never wanted
this feeling to feel
to be wanted

To be Free
to be
at peace with myself
more than ever

I never wanted
  to constantly be in conflict
*with myself
I know that I can never change this
All I can do is **** it up and try to learn how to cope with this
I'm so dead inside and yet somehow so very much alive
(old write )
  Jul 2014 Dianna
I am so ******* sick of never being good enough
A list of other things I'm sick of feeling:
- confused
- depressed
- unwanted
  Jun 2014 Dianna
beware when you fall in love
with an artist
be it a painter, a singer, or poet

for the artist will
paint you
with strokes and hues
in shapes of every kind

sing about you
with heartbreak lyrics
and feelings which rhyme

write about you
with the simplest words
and a secret message she wants to say

beware of the artist,
and her love
one wrong move
and you're an artwork in her display
  Jun 2014 Dianna
A man
May want what he can't have

His heart may lack
What he desires the most

His smile may hide
His longing or feeling

But it is sin,
They say

So he will hide it all
For society

And pretend to be
"One of us"

Yet inside
He is different

In possibly
The most terrifying way imaginable

Let him have what he desires
For we are sinners too

If you don't think it's natural
Please open your eyes

Look outside and see the women
With their legs spread wide open

At one point that would have been "wrong"
But that changes

It all changes

So your mind should too
And accept it
Dianna Jun 2014
I don't want it to end like this...
But I'm not sure about what to do
End me please or something,I dislike being sober......
Dianna Jun 2014
you will always have a place in this hurting heart of mine*......
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