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Oct 2014
The sun wakes up every morning
Stretches as he yawns
Excited for the brand new day
His rays will bring along

As the sun shines and smile
His head starts to think of what and why's
Those excited feet that jump in the bed
There's nothing but an idea to always move ahead

So move ahead is what he does
As he puts his rays in motion
Across the sky from East to West
From one to another ocean

From planet Earth to the universe
A memory from wonderful journey
The day is over, and the darkness in the sky are there to cover
The body retire in bed, but the mind in thinking's edge.
This is a collaboration poem of me and Mike Hauser. This is a fun idea! You know the feeling when you talk or work with tge people who have sane passion as yours? It was a great feeling. Im cool about collaborations. You can send me private messages. :)
Written by
Denisse  Philippines
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