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May 2014
They always thought that it was my last choice
I want to tell them no, but it seems like I don't have a voice
They told me that I'll grow up not having one
That I'll get my dream job, finish my studies, read all the novels and still in the line.

It's not my intention to give them motive
But they said that I'm always busy about my priority
What they don't know is I am searching too
Looking for someone that will love me like what others do.

I also wanted to be wanted
Sometimes I have this feeling of being haunted
I aw always dreaming for someone who can hold me
I am always praying for a fairy tale.

In my daydream I am always longing for a Prince Charming
No matter how busy I am in my priorities,
I'm still looking forward in the time when the GREEN LIGHT STOPS
The time that I can GO.
Usually in the traffic light, GREEN LIGHT is the sign for GO. And this poem is about waiting for that moment, PATIENTLY WAITING WHEN THE GREEN LIGHT STOPS, the moment WHEN I CAN GO.
Written by
Denisse  Philippines
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