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Jumpsuitriot Feb 2016
Your bright blue eyes,
Shined bright in the midnight sky.
I could feel your heart beat as I lay on your chest,
Not knowing what would happen next.
You sit up, run your fingers through my hair,
And gave me a sensational kiss, and said you loved me
I knew then that you really did care.
I forgot about all my previous scars,
As we continued to look at the stars.
I thought I knew what love was before,
But now I realize,
There was something else in store.
Denisse May 2014
I'm in a haunted place before
Many problems that easily cuts me to the core
All I know is to cry
I prison myself because I'm scared for another try.

All I've got is a massive darkness
I can't even find the door of happiness
But He truly loves me
Because two lads knocked to rescue me.

I learned that if someone locked me in the room of darkness
There's always a window to get a shade of brightness
All I have now is possivity in my life
That with His plan, I know Im safe because of His Son.
"Because two lads knocked to rescue me" Im talking about Latter Day Saints or Mormon missionaries. Yes I'm LDS.
I thank Him so much because He always extend His loving arms to everyone.

— The End —