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abigail j s Feb 2019
i am not the lost sheep, for You know exactly where i am. but i am a stupid one.

i know i shouldn’t lag behind the flock or wander over to the edge of the cliff repeatedly to check how far we’ve come, but i do anyway.

i’m weak and my wool falls into my eyes so i can hardly see You, but i make only half-hearted efforts to swipe it away.

Father, i am not worthy of Your love in any way. but You give my hooves strength to keep following You.

thank You, Jesus. please, keep me close to You. I will wipe this wool from my eyes and keep stumbling after You, no matter how much it costs.

for You will be my strength and my song and my salvation.
thank You. -the blind sheep.
written December 16, 2018.
Denisse May 2014
I'm in a haunted place before
Many problems that easily cuts me to the core
All I know is to cry
I prison myself because I'm scared for another try.

All I've got is a massive darkness
I can't even find the door of happiness
But He truly loves me
Because two lads knocked to rescue me.

I learned that if someone locked me in the room of darkness
There's always a window to get a shade of brightness
All I have now is possivity in my life
That with His plan, I know Im safe because of His Son.
"Because two lads knocked to rescue me" Im talking about Latter Day Saints or Mormon missionaries. Yes I'm LDS.
I thank Him so much because He always extend His loving arms to everyone.

— The End —