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 Dec 2014
They craveĀ  immortality
What for? I cried
Don't you know?
Endless are they all.
 Dec 2014
Ram N Oodle
I hate you.
You push me around.
You mock me.
You say that it's only for my benefit.
Do I look alright to you?

You insult me.
To push me forward,
thinking I'll do just what you're asking for.
You say you love me.
Does love feel like this?

Does love feel, as if every single day.
I'm the one feeling guilty.
I'm the one who gets hurt.
I'm the one who has to keep trudging along,
on the sharp glass of your broken dream.

Must I walk the same ****** path that,
you so kindly laid out?
I don't care?
I keep pushing these feelings down.
Smiling, joking acting like it's normal.

You think you know me.
Do you know what I feel?
You feed me your pointy lies.
I can feel them, scratching my insides.

I bleed and slowly I unravel.
 Dec 2014
and even
the tiniest parts
of my body
ache and scream
calling out
your name
You stabbed me in the back
and then pretended
like you were the one
who was bleeding.
 Dec 2014
It's back. The thick black tendrils have woven their way through fresh mutilated skin. They've gripped bone and rooted themselves into a skeletal disaster. A permanent venoumas suit imbedded beneath the surface.
To a feeling of relapse
 Dec 2014
I want to feel your soft skin on my fingertips
As you hold me close at night
Hear soft snores from the moniter
Of our baby sleeping tight
I'll still lie awake at 2 am
But tears will not fall this time
Because I won't feel a need to cry anymore
With a warm body by my side
And I'll smile at 2 in the morning this time
Because I'll know this to be true
That I'll have finally beat my demons
And the hard times will finally be through
Everyday is a fight but there has to be something better
 Dec 2014
Sophie Hartl
and I didn't want to
fall for you
because falling only leads to
scraped knees and
****** bandages

but I enjoyed the beautiful
sunrises that appeared on my
legs and hands
and I kept begging for more
forbidden pain until I was
numb to you

but the amount of scars left on my
canvas of a body today couldn't
add up to the regret I
felt for not having
inspired by the bruises you left
 Dec 2014
Your eyes grew weary,
I can see that you're a bit groggy,
you realized i noticed
and you said "I'm fine"
but we both know why
you never got any sleep last night,
it's because the demons paid you a visit.
I pretended I didn't notice the way your voice wavers,
as if it's taking all your energy not to cry.
You pretended you didn't notice I saw the tear that formed in your eyes.
So you said "I'm fine" for the second time,
but were you convincing me or yourself?
I guess we both had our demons within,
we just pretended we didn't see.
We were both pretending because we didn't want to wake the demons up.
 Dec 2014
the literary world says there are four types of conflict:
1) girl vs. girl
we have to let the world scar us enough to be normal
but not so much that we are crazy fools.
supposed to be wolves in sheep's clothing,
'look at her!'
boys don't look half as much as we do
taught as we are to pay attention to everything.
2) girl vs. society
you tell us what to do and shame us for it,
but the lies are prettier than any reality we've ever known.
we are going to be nothing but kids,
no matter what we do.
3) girl vs. nature
our bodies and our hearts are enemies.
the world puts us in places where freedom is a story,
and the only thing we as humans were made to do
is simply not possible, or is simply terrible.
4) girl vs. self
every one of these other conflicts,
make us a mirror that changes every moment.
the trick to to find out which reflection of ourselves
was there before we entered the arena
which side of ourselves
has the least battle scars.
or if the scars persist,
than they must compliment what was already there,
as opposed to changing it beyond recognition.
 Dec 2014
Patrice Diaz
They told me not to play with fire
Told me that it was dangerous;
A mistake to make if I decided upon it
I told them not to worry

I watched the flame grow
Dancing around to the music
Flickering to the sound
The sound of its heartbeat

One day, the fire grew larger
This time, it no longer danced or flickered
It only destroyed
Bringing everything and everyone down

They told me not to play with fire
They told me it would only lead to danger
I never listened
I should have listened.
 Dec 2014
Bailey Metcalf
maybe to this world
I am just a burden
just someone who is here
weighing others down
in no way impacting people
for the good
like I am just sitting on their shoulders
or pulling them down
tearing them apart
being of no good to them
is that what anyone wants
to have happen to them
is that what anyone wants
to feel like they are in this world
so just let yourself go
you're better off that way
people are better off
without you

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