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I feel like giving up today
I can't breath
The words choke me up and force me to ***** all the letters and vowels I eat making me dizzy
The grim reaper appeared at my doorstep and I'm so scared that I **** flowers and butterflies
Created long time ago. Posted today
 Dec 2020
Don Bouchard
I sit eyes closed at the top of the wood
Desiring action, but in a dream,
Hooked head and feet immobile:
Near sleep of age, incapable to eat.

Necessity finds the highest trees....
Branches shake in sun-beaten ire;
No advantage find I in the moving air
While earth's face beckons me to fall.

Clenching now, claws deep in bark,
Creation's masterpieces find decay
Of foot and feather, come from dust,
This Creature must return to clay.

Vision strong still seeks resolve
As Earth below me still revolves,
Inward focus, resolute, admits
Tearing heads is now a chore.

Death's wind, inevitable, a chilling fact:
Who kills to live through victims' lives,
Though early arguments remain intact,
At twilight's call, they still must die.

From the West the same Sun sees me;
Only I have changed, and have grown thin,
And though my heart's set upon its path,
I've lost the strength to fly again.
 Jun 2020
Phil Lindsey
Ahh, shady lady says she’s shy
And insecure
As it were,
I say sure,
Sure, she’s a bit demure,
But that’s only part
Of  her
I too am shy and raconteur.
Ahh, I always worry
Cuz faces are blurry
I never remember the names;
I hide behind a graffiti covered wall
Standing tall
Feeling small
I guess I’m just part of the games
People play
All day, they
Deep freeze you,
Mess with you, then
Bless You when
You sneeze,
Ahh, get down on your knees
Please, and
Beg for mercy
Beg for pain,
Scarecrow needs a brain,
I’m begging cuz I got nothing to gain
Ahh, let me explain,
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose
Wouldn’t refuse,
A new pair of shoes
Mine are old,
Have a hole in the toe
The laces are broke
And tied in a knot,
What you got,
In your store,
You can give to the poor?
Or for a switch,
You can give to the rich,
Ahh, relax,
They pay the tax,
But, I ain’t no Robin Hood, or
William Tell, whose
Overture to the pits of Hell,
Didn’t sell,
Until he licensed it to the Lone Ranger,
Hi ** Silver, ask a stranger
If it takes a silver bullet,
To **** the wicked witch,
Lies underneath the house,
Curling toes and ruby slippers,
Dreaming of all the zippers
She unzipped, then walked away,
Ahh, it’s a brand new day.
So if the IRS calls
Tell ‘em I’m dead
Or went to bed
I’ll sleep it off till noon,
Now you got the name of this tune
I’m howlin’ at the moon!
I’m crazy as a loon,
See you soon.
See you soon,
See ya,
I’m leavin’ in a hot air balloon,
Ahh, there’s no place like home.
Or Rome,
If you get the chance
To dance,
With the Pope,
Or if you want to see the lions
In the Coliseum,
You can see’em,
Having lunch,
Captain Crunch,
The Tin Man needs a heart,
Tear me up,
Tear me apart,
Ahh, you were all there,
You, and You, and You,
For certain,
You were all behind the curtain,
Ahh, MGM,
And the lion roars,
The End
Phil Lindsey 1/13/17
It is Friday the 13th.  Had a couple of drinks, stared at the moon for awhile.
 Jun 2020
Bijan Rabiee
God's winter is cold
Making my earth a ball of ice
No loving person in this town
Big-ups to vagrant lover
Kudos to highwayman
I betrayed my pride again
Though nothing have i taken
I feel totally drunk and wasted
Oh God let her not say no
For i become more terrible
Than i already am
God's winter rolling
Oh how cold's the weather
I'm afraid that my sweetheart
Won't come back no more
My heart's no longer a heart
But a knot of pain
God see what she's done to me
I betrayed my pride again
Look what her love
Has handed my soul
Temper of a fighting fool
No tolerance in God's custom
My head is full of smoke
In the midst of freezing fate  
I got a fever from sorrow.
 Jun 2020
In my loneliness, I find peace.
It is something that you cannot give me.
You see,
there is an emptiness in my heart.
An emptiness that you cannot feel,
but that is the only thing that is real
about me.
It is a void that you cannot fill,
a place that has been forever reserved for me.
It is a void that I do not want you to fill.
Because it is a place I have reserved for me.
You shall never understand the value
of this place.
Even if you were ever to understand,
you would never appreciate it,
but I know that you will never understand this place.
This is my own space
and it is sacred,
at least for me.
This is where I can differentiate
between a liar and an enemy.

So leave me alone here,
I am at peace here.
I know that it is where I am supposed to be.
It is my loneliness, I find solace in it.
Solace is something
that you can never give me.
So leave me here in solitude,
this is where I am meant to be.
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2020.
All Rights Reserved.
 Jun 2020
Is everything the way you thought before?
Has nothing changed,
The lessons learnt
Forgotten the very next day?
Is perspective still the same way
The memory is disappearing
Life is moving on
Time won't slow down
Am i still the old me,
I dont feel changed at all
 Jun 2020
kainat rasheed
It was February 2020,
Exam season,
Six o'clock in the evening,
So the news spread,
"In the country's largest city,
Two Corona patients tested positive"
Life was in its own wave,
I asked for a small prayer,
"Just don't want to give any exam tomorrow"
A five day holiday was announced on T.V,
i was fully  happy,
about that,
I will not have to get up and go to school next day,
i slept  all the  day,
posting memes on Facebook,
Uploading status on Instagram,
It was the last day of the holiday,
I was afraid that now there will be exam ,
But then  ,
an announcement came " a month holiday "
The number of patients kept on increasing day by day,
First two, then twelve, then three hundred, and then a thousand,
then after someday,
Home and me,
These four walls,
myself and old memories,
good mornings were turning to fearing days,
because the lock down happened ,
the markets closed ,the parks closed ,
the malls closed ,the banks closed
the  court close ,the business closed
traveling band  
It just took a month,
I saw a  whole new  life,
When the police had tears in their eyes,
Standing across the praying area, he said with folded hands
and said ,
for God sake ,
Stay away from here and protect yourself and your family,
The guards patrolled at night,
i will never forget the horn of the police car,
But the country's poor have lost their livelihood,
their children went to bed hungry,
The laborer did not receive his earnings,
I saw anguish in some eyes,
I saw this long line of beggars,
Who only had to live up to the morning,
I saw a doctor in the hospital,
And those in uniform on the streets,
No one wants their loved ones to leave them alone,
I saw those who gave their lives,
I saw those who saves others lives,
Everyone had to save the country,
I saw the plague was same for both the king and the slave,
I saw years in a year,
I saw helplessness,
I slept myself all the days ,
My country's markets are closed,
The roar of my streets is gone,
some dreams should  remain dreams,
Some desires force us to put masks on our faces,
Some mistakes leads to  distances,
Today is May, I have only one wish,
I want to spend the day at the roadside,
and Let me put heat of  sun in my eyes,
I want to look at it until its rays dissolve in my tears,
I want to tore this year's page from the book of life,
and someday,
i wish ,
announcement on TV will come that "we have got rid of this epidemic covid19".
 Jun 2020
just let me suffer alone
I’ve done it before
I’ll sit all alone on the bathroom floor,
I’ll leave all the doors closed.

I don’t want to be seen,
on the fourth day of no shower
I don’t to be seen
when I can’t move or scream

I do not want you to worry
don’t bother to check in
I’ll be a mess that belongs in the bin
do keep your eyes of me, keep your eyes blurry

So leave your worry here and leave
but please do not grieve
you do all you can
but in the end it was my hand
 Jun 2020
Ben Palomino
In the
I tried to stay

In gilded
The torments
Slip away

When peace
The chains
Will sway  

The soul
A million
Ways to

So I ask

Do I

I know
I’m not
Needed out
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