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Julianna Sep 17
For a while you thought you were the only one on the bus
A lonely passenger on a bus with no stops
And no driver
darkness around you
A bump jolts the bus
A foot off the seat you will see them
other passengers too absorbed in their own music
to see the things in front of them
Will you raise the shades and see the light of the outside
Will you hit the pause button for a moment and enjoy this with me?
Julianna Sep 13
i miss you,
not because you left,
but because we don't talk how we used to
I enjoyed being uncomfortable with you
Julianna Sep 13
the background music plays,
it goes like this:
i want to die,
i want to die,
i want to die,
and that begins to be more
interesting than the film
Julianna Sep 7
love is about the quiet moments
the moments between breathing and speaking
it is about just holding someone
not talking
not speaking
just holding them

But it is also about the things you don't say
the shame that pours across your face
as you look at your loved one
the chasm that the things we don't say make
is the one that will cut deepest.
Julianna Sep 7
she choked on the petals
while the rest of us
savored their sickly sweet taste
Julianna Aug 17
i like how you keep the word 'suicide'
locked up as if its for my own good

its a fun way to remind me, that i am a broken peice of furniture
that could crack under the weight of any one thing
Julianna Aug 17
i take my ant-depressaints dry
the move down my throat
chalkly in my mouth
and sticky in my throat
sticking there.
taking it dry is a punishment for taking the pill at all
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