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I woke up to find
a devil by my side
we began to dance
in the shadow of the
  dying sun

I look into the mirror
only to find
the spirit inside
has left my eyes

traded my soul
but cant recal

all was lost
and nothing gained
Cold and heavy
the stone borne
by the camels back

Everything is fine
the feather
and it
Ben Palomino Oct 21
The moon
watches me sin
once again

As I destroy
the temple in which I reside

The fire is bright
but not warm enough
to keep me alive
  Oct 11 Ben Palomino
Bijan Rabiee
Like myriad others
I was born crazy
A blessing bestowed
By Moon's grace
And a curse slotted
By Sun's paradise
I was born crazy
To take on two things
Shift for myself
Amid worldly plagues
And exhibit my perceptions
With opalescence of my dance
I was born crazy
In light of squares
There are not enough stars
That Darkness can't sway.
  Oct 3 Ben Palomino
She says
you're strange
and I can't quite
put my finger on it
like fog, so I tell her
listen, the smoke
that a poet lives in
is transparent but real
a mystery you can't touch
the wound is too deep
in the soul of the poet
to be excavated like a stone
and polished or broken
like a dark mirror
in the darkest room
on the darkest nights
alone, like the moon.
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