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kainat rasheed May 2020
It was February 2020,
Exam season,
Six o'clock in the evening,
So the news spread,
"In the country's largest city,
Two Corona patients tested positive"
Life was in its own wave,
I asked for a small prayer,
"Just don't want to give any exam tomorrow"
A five day holiday was announced on T.V,
i was fully  happy,
about that,
I will not have to get up and go to school next day,
i slept  all the  day,
posting memes on Facebook,
Uploading status on Instagram,
It was the last day of the holiday,
I was afraid that now there will be exam ,
But then  ,
an announcement came " a month holiday "
The number of patients kept on increasing day by day,
First two, then twelve, then three hundred, and then a thousand,
then after someday,
Home and me,
These four walls,
myself and old memories,
good mornings were turning to fearing days,
because the lock down happened ,
the markets closed ,the parks closed ,
the malls closed ,the banks closed
the  court close ,the business closed
traveling band  
It just took a month,
I saw a  whole new  life,
When the police had tears in their eyes,
Standing across the praying area, he said with folded hands
and said ,
for God sake ,
Stay away from here and protect yourself and your family,
The guards patrolled at night,
i will never forget the horn of the police car,
But the country's poor have lost their livelihood,
their children went to bed hungry,
The laborer did not receive his earnings,
I saw anguish in some eyes,
I saw this long line of beggars,
Who only had to live up to the morning,
I saw a doctor in the hospital,
And those in uniform on the streets,
No one wants their loved ones to leave them alone,
I saw those who gave their lives,
I saw those who saves others lives,
Everyone had to save the country,
I saw the plague was same for both the king and the slave,
I saw years in a year,
I saw helplessness,
I slept myself all the days ,
My country's markets are closed,
The roar of my streets is gone,
some dreams should  remain dreams,
Some desires force us to put masks on our faces,
Some mistakes leads to  distances,
Today is May, I have only one wish,
I want to spend the day at the roadside,
and Let me put heat of  sun in my eyes,
I want to look at it until its rays dissolve in my tears,
I want to tore this year's page from the book of life,
and someday,
i wish ,
announcement on TV will come that "we have got rid of this epidemic covid19".

— The End —