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 Jun 16
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

A Passion to,
learn what you're saying, let your actions
More if you're the right you,
don't tell me to,
Do anything I don't wanna do,
Learn what you say is true,
A Passion to,
Serve future Sons and daughters,
Terms and conditions , they slaughter,
Poisoning millions with lies we swallow
up proper,
That sounded wrong , made it through the
Saw the truth when I was born,Put me in some empathy,
Looking for the trouble,
Searching for my soul as it had drift away
Could not find me, if you tried,
You lied , about your intention.
You couldn't tell the truth ,if you tell,
A mistake , it's a spell,
Beyond your fight there's a hell,
Thats loops over and over,
Here it comes you better take cover lover,
The lingo you misspell,
Never give up on myself.
See what I see,
why'd you choose me?
if you could handle me,
then why abandon me,
Didn't know what we were facing in a world
Our souls are torn in this realm but now I got things to fight for,
I'm using both of my hands in this war.
This quest don't need a sword or trinkets,
I'm just trying to unlock what's in store,
You have the keys , unlock the door,
Its not too late , its not too late,
You have the keys , unlock the door,
Its not too late , its not too late...
Don't make it , ******* yourself to put stress
on your lil' soul,
Don't make it , seem like a reason you do
everything you're told,
I hope they don't give into the ignorance
those demons have sold,
Don't let your, bad intentions get in the way
of your love go,
Men they just wanna, men they just wanna,
be tough,
Women they just wanna , women they
just wanna, compete,
But what inside makes you complete ?
And what makes your whole world taste
Y'all don't understand this,
But to find peace in the world is out-
Literally, why in the **** would there be
conspiracy theories,
California fires exploding the fury,
This might be just words but y'all don't
hear me,
Find people to be fake everyday , they just
But look inside yourself and realize yourself that you could never really lie
to yourself,
But look inside yourself and realize yourself that you could never really lie
to yourself.

 Apr 10
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Won't you take it off baby,
Don't you rush baby,
Match each others auras,
Come combine with me baby,
Won't you take it off baby,
Vibe with me baby,
reach inside each other,
While our hearts are still beating,
take it off baby,
Won't you take it off baby,
I don't want to degrade ya,
Wanna call you my lady,
Let's go somewhere private.

Girl we've been planning for weeks,
I been with you almost a year,
You're blowing my mind everytime you
But I'm cutting off all of my peers,
Love when you display your kisses,
Carrying yourself like Hungarians,
Glad to be calling my misses while talking to you,
Misses by your hungry man,
Hungry for your love and touch,
You know I can't really get enough,
The sweetest of sweets like a swisher, your
chaining my heart with gold diamond cuffs,
When Heaven created love,
Baby they had you in mind,
I want every fiber of your being in this world , I'm glad to say your mine,

Won't you take it off baby,
Don't you rush baby,
Match each others auras,
Come combine with me baby,
Won't you take it off baby,
Vibe with me baby,
reach inside each other,
While our hearts are still beating,
take it off baby,
Won't you take it off baby,
I don't want to degrade ya,
Wanna call you my lady,
Let's go somewhere private.

Nothing much,
Nothing really ever going on,
Just the same old **** same old in a land filled with dust,
But not by much,
A typical day at the office , in the backyard with a cigar filled tree herbs,
And a drink or two sitting shirtless in all its hopeless glory,
Young black boy with a dream that he Invisioned as a child,
If theres dirt in the country , no church in the wild,
I sit and put on these fake smiles,
And they say how have you been in a while and I say nothing much,
And I say nothing much.
 Apr 9
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Leave me in the moonlight, where I should have been,
I can't take you all the places you ain't never been,
Not like other men..

Clouding my judgment like a pack of wolves,
I never had friends to watch all my moves,
Not passive aggressive like these other dudes,
Just watch it all fall away.
Pushing my buttons ain't what want to do,
Far from extent of ****** but it could subdue,
Emotions run so I get the blues,
But it will all go away.


You can't find perfection,
The body can overcome so much confliction,
Stories portray and we follow the mission,
Perfection will come at a price to submission,
Tomorrow not promised,
Octagoning layers in life into sessions,
Don't need no permission,
Good men and women blames themselves
for the things that your exes do and the
cycle just repeats,
Knocking down chances of trusting every
single person you meet, I'll let you see,
The differences make you and me.

This ignorant generation will consume the worse.
Lets see in this life who will break a heart first.
You don't need love , you just want them to know your worth.
Someone will notice that beautiful soul since birth.
 Apr 9
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Technically on the break but that's all in
my head,
Penitentiary mindset but no longer locked
up, you didn't hear from me,
So that's not what I said,
Moving around the creases , in and out
of situations , not my main occupation,
But I'm working up the nerve to live and
survive and survive,
And I don't know how long I could stay
alive , in this ongoing cycle,
Throw your feelings out ,recycle,

I be really chill as ****,
Chill as ****,
Let the chamomile flow though the veins and such, I got a,
Soft spot for nature in my own little way,
Nobody else strong enough to evade my
space, Ya hear me,
Really chill , to the point of no return from
this cloud that I'm on, I could never come
down off this plane, its real strange,
But I'm sane,
Chill I'm telling you.


Don't drag your partners down along with ya' to the grave,
When fakeness is engrave into their brains like a bad movie that
Persuades ,never know,  might bring the pain,
Shut up,
Close your eyes,
Matter of fact open them, stay awake,
Trust no one,
Talk to everyone,
Don't become a dead body in a lake,
Don't seal your fate,
You planned this ,You planned this,
You planned this, don't run from it,
You planned this ,the parasite lingers like
A therapist,
You planned this,
There's no other way to say your views are distorted,
Turning every which way as a sign,
It's a crime, systems take over your life,
You didn't plan it,
But they planned it,
This is propaganda we've been handed,
Your life expectancy isn't really candid,
I know we all gotta' die someday , lie awake somewhere,
Don't be a bandit or a sinner, that’s impossible,
Is this country really free ? Is it optional ?
The feds will hold , a grudge to different race cause their superiors told,
I feel like life is game without the checkmates,
It never gets old.
 Mar 22
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Before us there was a light to behold over our fortune,
Telling riddles and fiddles I won't do,
To you,
And even though we lack trust in this issue,
I'd probably be somewhere on an island in lulu,
Soon soon , as exes I am so glad to see you,
Everything in life is teaching me not to hate you,
Love is so deserving and so is hate too.

Empathy, put yourself in the place of me,
I learn that in a cartoon,
Save me please from my undying needs,
I need more to compensate for.
 Mar 5
There is no comfort on the storm tossed sea,
Where haply death claims lives without a trace.
There in the froth, the gale, the waves that be,
Convulsed from clime to clime, and now embrace
What I just cannot fathom nor conceal,
The dark and boundless depths that now reveal—
The lives, long gone, a homeless corpse up churn'd
The shores that change but ne'er cease to recall
A rage that sank both sailour and the learn'd,
No knells, no coffins, graves, or ev'n headstones at all!

O, rolling ocean, ship's wreckage contained
Inside thy stomach deep and rotting be,
The slave, the free, the captain thou retained;—
Mere bones, that once were faces, they to me
Are nameless and unknown, they be not mine,
All wrapt in tangle, fathom deep in brine.
Somewhere someone adored and loved their form;
Yet now fore'er engulf'd in bub'ling foam,—
Still in the barnacles that are their dorm,
Old ship was matchless to the storm—hear thy last groan.

Yet standing on thy shores, heave to and fro,
No evidence of death that catch my eyes;
Thy waters glass, they sometime toss and go
Without impending gloom, no darken'd skies.
My love, ocean, rekindled all for thee,
Within my heart, within my soul, and see;—
Time changes not thy waves wherein I play'd
As childhood waned, adulthood now I find—
Both cheerful and the cheerless waters spray'd,
Thou givest hours of cheerfulness and death unkind.
( Dedicated to Tryst. )
© Timothy 20 January 2015
 Feb 26
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Speak your peace and draw your heart,
No more paper ,there's no start,
Minds collapse imbued with fire,
Everything's the same,
Light it up and smoke it well,
Fill your lungs with that green hell that
feels like heaven every single day, no game,
Spell it out , don't say it loud,
Prove nothing to you , don't make you proud,
But I don't care, will never ever expire,
The **** you say don't mean a thing,
It's blasphemy, the actual day you come for me,
You'll have to ****, my entire empire..

Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
We're here , we're here,
We all, exist,
Gawd **** , gawd ****,
Can't han, dle this,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here,
Don't bring,
Your bad,
Ener , gee here.
 Feb 20
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

When reality *****,
Wiping birds from your face,
Wiping sweat from your face,
Wiping tears from your face,
Hand cramps all over from the work you do,
You could choose to leave , man it's up to you,
Pacing back and forth between these vices,
Many different realms and realities,
So much of what the universe could take,
Will this love last to just up see your little heart break?
Can't stand to see you crying , but can I really relate?
Is our friendship really a mistake?
We go through depression , anxiety,
More depression and anxiety,
Two secret we can't hide from this wicked society,
**** boys are ignorant , different varieties,
And family ain't **** nowadays but that's life,
Burn it up , smoke it up then be contained with red eyes.
 Feb 19
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Sweet candy perfume lingering.

Crushable purposes only,
Wanting you to just hold me,
You're the only one,
Only one, only one
The only one.

Wonderland in many ways,
Our love flourishes away,
Carrying your books to class , I want you to
have my last name.

The way you kiss, the way you smile,
Is so exquisite,
I need another one in my life, yeah you're,
The only one,
Only one , only one,
The only one,
I haven't had a girl like you in a minute,
My loving could be more than a minute,
I hope you could understand what exactly
I am bringing,
You're the one , sweet candy perfume lingering.
 Feb 14
Arcassin B
As I crossed every weather,
Every year close to December,
The angels whimper in ember,
Of the loss of your friend amber,
I'm sorry,
Nothing to worry,
I'm simply just passing through,
I hope you're doing good in this here cruel world you level to,
You mention all the good times in school I had with you,
Reminiscing how you said goodbye to me without a clue,
In the past , and its the past , I thought we were stuck like glue,
Together in utter poetic silences virtue,
But its good to see you finally and great to hear your voice,
We met here in this place and we didn't really have a choice,
I hope you get a glimpse at what you do to these young boys,
Coming back with a vengeance for playing me like a toy.
 Feb 12
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Pulling my head out of *** just for a light day,
Things are not good on my end, you help the pain go away,
Storming out of rooms cause I'm sad the way this ended,
We were suppose to flourish,
Even though I meant it,
I would listen to the things you use to say,
If you loved me then you'd still be with me
Telling me you are not like my exes,
They lack health,
I was so mad at the end , I told you to ****
The same way he did,
He did,
He didn't love you like I,
Being comfortable with me left you in awe,
If only you could see the tears in my eyes,
Discussing all of our flaws,
Listen my girl I know you meant well in your mind but
Inside these little talks with me were just
a waste of time,
You and me both know it,
Although you don't show it,
But you did when you blocked me.
Silly me.
I never get any Justice for these *******
relationships that's why I don't want kids
to follow me,
I'd rather be with someone that want me for me.
 Jan 30
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Me : Hey babe how was your day ? I was always waiting for you.
Her : hey babe I just got home , but went to
star bucks first , didn't know what to choose
on the menu.
Me: Oh well I mean that's understandable, I mean you are kind of picky.
Her : boy don't make me punch you the face
And my feet hurt , this is not good for me.
Me : I just missed you and I want you to know
that everything I do is for you now in this
here world.
Her : aww baby I'm not going nowhere , I'm here to stay in your arms , I will always be
your girl.
Me : I need a bit more than that, I need to know
that everything you told me was okay.
Her : yes babe , why are you acting so weird ,
Of course I give you more , please don't play.
Me : did you think I wouldn't check your phone?
You think I'm too dumb to let it slide that?
Her : Man I don't even know what your talking
about , those boys that you saw on there were my friends.
Me : well how come one put a kiss emoji, spitting his feelings and it never ends?
Her: babe I could explain...
Me: Know what don't even bother , don't even bother with the fact that your a ***** in disguise running out lies confronting these guys displaying your naked pics you the internet impressing any attractive person that you can,
You want a fake ****, you don't want a real man , you just to get it quick with a little bit of spice,
I even let out go through my phone every now and then , and nothing would be a surprise,
I'm just glad that I caught you on your lies.
 Dec 2018
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Praying to the most high , you know that is the way,
Can't look for a way around it , find another way,
Pushing all the boundaries , girl you know you better slay,
Some people give a lot more and the others take,
Gotta be outside the box,
That is the way.
Looking for the upside down,
Ready for the chase.
If plan B does not succeed then go back to plan A,
Soul is trapped in limbo , let it find it's traits,
Say the **** grace , you better clean the plate,
But praying to the mosthigh , is the only way,
Gotta be outside the box,
That is the way.
Looking for the upside down,
Ready for the chase...
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