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Ciarra Feb 2015
Give me Love.
I can't tell if this is love or lust,
The constant thrashing of the sheets,
And the meaningless "I love you"s.
Give me Lust.

Give me Lust.
The way you look at me,
With those devilish eyes,
And that hungry smile.
Give me Pain.

Give me Pain.
Break my heart,
Just like you always wanted.
Smash me to pieces.
Give me Love.
Genesis Luna Serentiy
  Jan 2015 Ciarra
Like a fog that blinds,
her smile dazzles you.
Like a chain that binds
her eyes imprison you.

She's a work of art.
She's such a hard worker.
She could break my heart
and she's mine all mine.

The longest dark hair
and her curvy features.
Plus two small hands
that make cute gestures.

She's a work of art.
She's such a hard worker.
She could break my heart
and she's mine all mine.
Ciarra Jan 2015
Look at her, standing there.
Such divine beauty,
Contained in a ravage soul.

He is all over her,
I wish that he would
Look at me like he does her.

Her flawless perfection,
Rain or shine,
the brightest days nor darkest nights
can compare to her.

Call me what you will
Ravished, maybe.

I certainly cannot compare
To the magnificent glow
She can produce
In one smile for him.

If only,
He loved me,
Like he loved her.
There isn't a day that has gone by when I haven't felt so confident. I look around at all these girls with such a more significant beauty and wonder what its like to be desired by just one person.

Genesis Luna Serenity
Ciarra Jan 2015
Good Evening, my lover.
I have long awaited your arrival.
You see, my darling.
I have some news.
But I'll wait until you've finished you drink,
It's my own mixture.

Good Night, my lover.
I see you're now gone.
You see my darling,
We will be together again soon,
In the deepest pit of hell,
Where we belong.
Ciarra Jan 2015
Yes, I'm okay.
No I'm not.

Yes, I'm just really tired.
No, I'm tired of living.

Yes, everything is fine.
No, my world is crashing down around me.

Yes, I'll be fine
No, you'll be lucky to see clean wrists tomorrow.

Yes, I've been eating.
No, I haven't eaten, when I do, I throw it back up in disgust.

Yes, I feel confident.
No, I just wish I was perfect.

Yes, I'm fine being alone.
No, I just want somebody to love me...

Yes, I'm telling the truth*
No, I'm telling the truth.
Genesis Luna Serenity
Ciarra Jan 2015
I'd give all the Stars in the world, just to make you smile,
And I would jump over the Moon to only be yours.

I would outshine the Sun if I could show you how much I love you,
And I would move Mountains if I could see you happy.

The Planets do not have to be aligned,
for anyone to see,

That You and I were simply,
meant to be.

But, alas, there are treacherous obstacles,
we both must face.

The Rivers  may flow the wrong direction,
and the Valleys may be steep,

But I promise you,
That as long as the Canyons are deep,

The Deserts are dry,
And the Jungle is lively,

I am willing, to travel across the Universe,
to be able to love you.
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