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Ciarra Sep 2015
I sit in the darkness.
Darling come get me,
For I am far too scared
To venture out on my own
Ciarra Jun 2015
Look at me
Tossing my heart out to the most unsuspecting people
Tell me
Do you know what to do with it?

Make me dance in the rain
Kiss me in the night
Hold me each morning
Love me like none before you.

Old flames have hurt my heart
I will truly never let you in.
I cannot risk the unobtainable damage
To my fragile emotionless heart.

Here I go again,
Falling for just another man
Who can disguise the evil
With just a sweet kiss.
If I could ever express my fear of falling flat on my face after you tripped me with your love, you would be crushed, and I would be on the ground.
Ciarra Jun 2015
It's good to see you again.
You look great.

We haven't talked in a while.
I'm sorry I've been so distant.

I can't imagine the agitation you possess
Seeing my name again.

But here me out,
I still want to be friends
Ciarra May 2015
It starts on day one

The hardest moment in your life.
Is stepping up.
Throwing away the blades.
Flushing the pills.
Breaking the lighters.
Healing the wounds.

Day one is the most important.
Right after day two.

But my darling.
What if I don't make it to day one?
Ciarra May 2015
Her flawless porcelain skin.
Covered in the splattered blood of the world.

Oh, how marvelous her eyes!
I will always hold them dear to my heart.

I hear the slight whimper and cry
Of the fresh flesh exposed to the cold air.

Don't worry little one.
You will be home soon.
Ciarra Mar 2015
She was a wildflower
Sprouting wherever she pleased.
She could brighten the world
With her delicate petals.

Even when the season changed
She stood tall
Through the wet rain
And the dusty drought.

She looked so lovely
She looked so lonely
She looked so beautiful
She looked so dangerous.

Little did I know,
That she was poisonous
To nobody
But herself.

The birds stopped singing
That fateful day
The rain stopped playing
The drought never came

The seasons stopped changing
As that beautiful wildflower
Began to lose her petals
And die.
Ciarra Mar 2015
You glimpse at me,
God can only know
How much
You set fire to my soul.

Can you see how much
I love you so.?
I just want to run away
You and I, let's go.
The words of my heart,
Genesis Luna Serenity
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