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If you want to be an oak,
think like an oak,
not like an acorn.
Another year comes to pass
And I turn inwards to reflect.
My fragile memories seem of glass
And I search for moments to regret.

Yet as much I seek greener grass,
An involuntary gratitude I beget;
For this lesson isn't found in any class:
That this fleeting life is all we get.
Soar high above the clouds,
And reach up for the sky;
Where dreams are everything,
And everything is you and I.
I'm looking at
the night sky above.

*Do I still know your heart?
When the window
of your mind
is clean,
you can see
the beauty of the Unseen.
Long live love, for she is kind
A light that strikes and sparks the mind
Love is dove, she's peace and fire
On golden wings she aspires
She fathoms skies and soars beyond
Kindling a bond that's fond
Arms akimbo, I welcome Love
And frolic in her treasure trove

Love lives long, begets her bounty
Transcends language and country
A rhythm known to every heart
Incessant, with no end, no start
In her care I never falter
So pay my dues at her altar
Love is pure and rare as ocean
Love is life and life devotion
For my sister's engagement
Freshly ground coffee,
love wafts in the morning air.
Is it here to stay?
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