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  May 2022 Indeed
Mitch Prax
What happens after death?
Someone sheds a tear for you,
smiles for you,
and the memories live on,
as you live on,
alive in another.
Indeed Apr 2022
Im sing a song now
It's called "drained"

You still here ???
  Apr 2022 Indeed
Do you ever feel
Like no matter what  you do
You can’t overcome the hurdle
Like life
Is pushing against you
And you don’t know which way to turn
Always remember that
Life is here for us
To experience
For us to gather our
Inner resources
And find a way
To create joy
From misery
  Mar 2022 Indeed
Landon Keys
Can I see it?
Your heart.
Let me look into your eyes.
Nothing much can hide there.
  Mar 2022 Indeed
Kelci Nicole Leigh
You are a door
That I have
Never been able
To open
In a house
That was falling
Long before
I was born
The latch
Was broken
You lost the key
A long time ago

  Mar 2022 Indeed
i have no pride
you hurt me all the time
and inside
i've died
long ago
so it's just numb
i was dumb
to think things
would be any different
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