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  12h Indeed
Don't trust easily
Not everyone is nice

It takes time
To know a person
Indeed 6d
I saw

rage, hatred, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, betrayal, desperation, discourage..

in my family members
Indeed Apr 9
what are we living for ?
any purpose ?
I don't have any purpose to live
still I wish not to be dead.
do I have people who love me ?
what am I living for ..
I just don't get it
  Apr 1 Indeed
the dirty poet
tom walks to work
and i bike here
we keep track of the rain
the snow, the cold
because we’re in it
we feel the scorching heat
our colleagues who drive in
live in a dream world
  Mar 15 Indeed
Chaos hearts,
Chaos hearts,
Don't come to me,
I am not your sanctuary,
Nor will I ever be.

Chaos hearts,
Stop asking for me,
Do not commit a burglary,
A lover never will I ever be.
  Mar 11 Indeed
Maria Etre
I felt the sting of adulthood
tattoo my skin
with colors
Indeed Feb 20
why you keep rubbing your arms ?

I keep getting goosebumps.
I like hello poetry so much ❣️
thanks to the creators 🙌
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