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i am both beauty and destruction,
I know how to love but not how to be loved.
i've felt pain in all its forms and yet
i still try my best to put on
a fake smile.
 Mar 2021 Caleb Notte
seeing your eyes
for the first time
made me close mine

for a little while.
 Mar 2021 Caleb Notte
Don't mistake,
rain for water,
if he wants to be with you,
he will,
it's not drizzly, moist, or muggy,
it's plain simple.
What you call love;
I call weakness.

Don't mind my bleakness.
I wasn't always this way.

Monsters make monsters,
I've heard somewhere.
I guess I am one,
with no love to spare.

Love makes you feel all kinds of things;
Yet not warned are we
'bout people
whose actions sting.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but if that's love for you and this is for me,
I guess all it did was make me
 Mar 2021 Caleb Notte
I've become a reflection of the monster that broke my heart
 Mar 2021 Caleb Notte
You walked away with half of me

Half my breath
It is still beyond me how I breath without you

Half my smile
Left me with this crooked smile

Half my soul
Left me with this hollow hole

My whole heart
How will I love another

You hurt me
But like they say "better the devil you know"

Come back to me
Come back
Love me right just this last time
Let us give this love one last try
Speak into Mother Earth
And our existence will thrive
Flowers bloom,
Glisten and grow
And then wilt in the end;
Yet the one that brought them to me
Is here until
The last sun sets
Flowers love feelings reassurance
Glitter on the grass, moon light glow.
Lake side view
Body splash Dancing waters.
Blankets and wine
Star-studded skies  
Petals & chocolates
Wedding vows on a corvette sun-rooftop.
Smooches and snuggles
Giggles and belly laughs
A night to remember
Tucked tight
Sweet melodies
 Mar 2021 Caleb Notte
Joy Ceye
A tongue
Used for exploring
Everywhere I've been.

A tongue used for licking
Soft swirls of cream.

A tongue used for circling
Parameters so extreme.

A tongue used for flicking
Pebbles in a stream.

A tongue used for speaking
On a particular theme.

A tongue used for shrieking
Fantasies in my dream.

A tongue
Your tongue
My tongue
All tongue
          Oh My God...... Words
Thinking why we have tongues if we are not allowed to speak?
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