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Joy Ceye Jun 2018
Trudy sits sipping cocktails
Watching the passers by.
The girl with the Botox, false eyebrows to match,
The ****** old codger, with his hand on her ******.
They swan right on past
Ignoring the view.
No-one knows why
She's invisible to you.
But she doesn't care, she points one finger in the air,
She'd rather look at the sky.
Joy Ceye May 2018
There's a story in this mug.

Dark lines running.

down slides
A here
A now for
TEa STains
but I let them flow

down tides
over sides
That tear
That vow not
AnGEr fRames
so I let them grow

bleach hides
This fear
This how to
sTaRt AfreSh witH
a new brew.

There's a future in this mug.

Brown times coming!
Joy Ceye Mar 2018
Rattle along to our own sound
You and I
Unleashing brains
Still wrapped in chains
Avoiding the rain
And smoky grounds
That are
Getting us high.

Cheeseburger exchanged for one pound
He and I
Describing pains
Down country lanes
Avoiding the train
And busy Towns
Who are
Making us cry.

Guitar strings so loud we are drowned
You and I
Cutting veins
No one who gains
Avoiding the sane
And white gowns
They are
Keeping us dry.
Joy Ceye Feb 2018
Can I love the you in me
Saying things to set ourselves free
Sitting silent
Lonely at times?

Can I hear the sound of your voice
Words we say and don't rehearse
Feeling lonely
Steady at times?

Will we be a prefect two
Sailing off and into the blue
Swimming softly
Under at times?

Will you reach the deep in me
Touching gently what you don't see
Smiling violent
Hiding our crimes?
A start after a block
Joy Ceye Oct 2017
I like doing the Maths with you
Our one plus one
Adding some
Making three
Our minds free.

I like hearing the voice in you
My one minus none
Needing no-one
Breaking free
We are three.

I like being myself in you
Feeling words come
I am someone
Being ME
Can it be

You understand
My equations
My sensations
My dilations
My inhabitations

Can you
Should you
Would you
Make My X
Equal Y

You gonna try
To be the same
Or play a game
Or just apply
The equation.
Experiment - it's more a song
Joy Ceye Sep 2017
Hello there?
Hi to you.
Tell me now -things that you do?
Of course I will - I don't know you!

You have a ruler, a cane, a whip?
Most of the time it's Biff and Chip!
Dress in skirt and blouse so tight?
That's what keeps me up at night!

No-one there?
Goodbye to you!
Why not ask about the things I do?
Of course I won't - it's not true!

You have cash, a car and no snip?
Most of the time you are the drip!
Wear your heart upon your sleeve?
It's what I call I liar - oh please!
Random thought
Joy Ceye Aug 2017
In amongst dark clouds
A slice of orange gives you hope
But there a scars there
Deep and red
That fade to yellow
And then they are gone!

Shadows whisper memories
Of urgent conversations
Slowly gliding away
One, two, three speech bubbles
Fading into the unknown
And I'm shouting!

Lines change, directions change
We all change in a world of change
So why does that bird fly
Fearless into the unknown
Into the darkness, a dark cloud
And not worry about the return!
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