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Mistry May 2021
I made a home out of you
Even after you told me of your hoeish past
Somehow I convinced myself that I am the lucky girl
Niave as usual

Infatuation has fades
The honeymoon has ended
I see all the signs I've been missing

Her face towel lies next to mine
Her toothbrush too
I ask no questions
You're a player, you have answers to them all

The day before your birthday
You're probably with her
You have not called me the entire day
Just a message alerting me you won't be available

Do you love her?
Am I not beautiful?
What part of me is not enough for you?

Who was I thinking I deserve any form of love
Mistry Sep 2019
You walked away with half of me

Half my breath
It is still beyond me how I breath without you

Half my smile
Left me with this crooked smile

Half my soul
Left me with this hollow hole

My whole heart
How will I love another

You hurt me
But like they say "better the devil you know"

Come back to me
Come back
Love me right just this last time
Let us give this love one last try
Mistry May 2019
How does my heart beat for the same man that broke it
you bruised me so badly that I can't seem to imagine being anything without you
I miss you
come back one more time and pretend you love me
I am addicted to the pain YOU made me feel for 5 whole years
I need my annual dose of pain.
Mistry Feb 2019
I've become a reflection of the monster that broke my heart
Mistry Jan 2019
Because of you I hurt another
Who could have been my first true lover
Mistry Oct 2018
I tried to destroy every memory I have of you
But how could I possibly get rid of the air that I breathe
For so long every breathe I took was so I could spend my forever with you
Now I breathe in the hopes that one day fate will bring you back to me
So we can live happily ever after like you promised me we would
I will wait for you and if the wind doesn’t blow you back to me
I hope fate leads me to someone like you.
Mistry Sep 2018
When you left I asked God to take my life, because I had lived mine for so long for you

He told me I would be fine

But how could I possibly carry on in this crazy world with half a heart and the half that I have beating and longing for the day you will come

I am a fool
your fool
without you here

GOD please.... I plea one.last.time
I don't want to have to take my own life.
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