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  Aug 2021 Shamus
There were days
I remembered
To put my heart on my sleeve.

The other days
I hid it
So deep inside my body
I couldn’t find it for myself.

The terror of anyone finding
Me judging me
Seemed to linger in the air
I inhaled.
  Aug 2021 Shamus
To finish your own life by hand,
May seem like the right thing to do.
But to free yourself from this land,
Is to imprison those that love you.
  Aug 2021 Shamus
Daniel Ruiz
I believe there’s good things,
I believe in breathtaking moments,
I believe in the times
where the stars look just right,
I believe there’s good in people,
Even if the bad stands out,

I believe there’s bad things,
I believe in nights
where it’s a little too dark,
I believe there’s times where
You believe you are playing chess
With life, and suddenly,
there’s no one playing with you,
And check mate seems to be 2 moves away

I believe that with happiness, comes sadness.
I believe that with rage, comes peace.
I believe that with lies, comes the truth.

I sit here with a moving clock
to my left waiting to be stopped,
waiting for life to sit down,
and finish what it started.

I believe in Good and bad,
I believe there’s a beginning,
But I’m scared there’s no end.
  Aug 2021 Shamus
Never have i felt so alone.

All my friends have left
Fault of my own im sure,
For i never made the effort.
"Too busy, too tired" i said.
At first I blamed anxiety
But let's be honest,
I was just too lazy.

No family to be seen.
Packed their bags,
And off they went.
Still we talk in text, alas
no hugs through a screen.

Despite all this I was happy,
All this seemed as nothing.
As my girlfriend was my all
Best friend and family as one,
What more could i ask for?

Now we are no more.

Never have I felt so alone.
  Jun 2021 Shamus
“Falling in love” is a contradiction in itself, because in love there is only the rising, the ascending, not the falling.
You can not fall in love, but rather, rise.
Shamus May 2021
As I was driving home tonight,
Crying and feeling disappointed by a human,
I realized the importance of self love,
It is something you hear about often,
“Love yourself”
Without really questioning the meaning,
Today I found out,
If no one loves me,
But, I love me,
Then that’s all I need to survive another day,
Because I have enough love for myself,
To hug my arms around my body,
And tell myself I’ll be ok,
Because I carry love for me.
It’s funny how we hear all these things but none of them click until the moment we feel it and it all falls into place, making sense.
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