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  May 2019 aury
Skylar Turner
i wasn’t born to create
tear stains in my pillow at night.

i was born to draw
blood from bone
  May 2019 aury
kiss me until I forget how terrified I am of falling in love.
  May 2019 aury
It's a wide open art,
from the start.
Rules are for schools.
Dont fret em,
forget em.
Relax with a syntax,
clown around,
with a pronoun.
Squeeze the ******,
of a dangling participle.

Free flying like geese,
creative words release,
make it up if you please.
Example--the plural of mice is meese.

Flowery language isn't the exclusive domain of the professional writer, it's for everyone!
To continue then,
about the writers pen.
No write or wrong,
nothings too short or long.
bumbled, don't matter.
We don't need a librarian to admire what we have done.

Words aren't hard,
fling them unbarred.
It's not arithmetic,
or teaching a cat a trick.
Crunch them uniting,
mix them combining.
Fling them,
meld them,
Verb them,
sell them.
We don't need a New York Times best seller to enjoy the art of writing.

Uncrate it,
create it.
Use it,
and abuse it.
Don't bar us
from a thesaurus
Or a dictionary.
The spiel
is to write real
tell the tale
seal the deal.
WORD HATERS live in the town called Fictionary.
Fun with words
  May 2019 aury
I get
sad because
you are                                      and I am
  over                                                over
  t­here                                              here

    when we should
     be together
by: anonymous
aury May 2019
imagine being so beaten down,
your heart left so mistreated,
that the word
sends a shiver down your spine
and knocks the wind out of you
all at once
its tragic
  May 2019 aury
I don’t like
The way
I put all of myself
Into every single thing
I set my mind to

And that included
Loving you
And that included
Burning my bridges
And that included
Wondering why I let myself burn in the process
I don’t like the way I don’t mean anything to you
  May 2019 aury
for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
the more i love you
the more i gravitate towards you
the less you love me
and the further out of reach you drift
you are far away from me, i guess love will never be equal hm?
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