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  Apr 2020 aury
I may never wrap my head around
What it was about you
That could make me run full speed ahead into that dead end
aury May 2019
i wasnt always the way that i am
afraid to wake up alone in 40 years
afraid of my emotions
scared to speak my truth
terrified of what may be
life has done this to me
and it has left me bitter
  May 2019 aury
Xy Shane
I am numb but I'm in pain
I am healed but still in vain
Please, give me back my hurricane
  May 2019 aury
Alaska Young
Everyone wanted to be happy.

Me, I just want to be a little less sad.
  May 2019 aury
last night,
there were tears in my eyes and i chuckled for a moment.
after so many days,
i finally have the time to think about what just transpired.
i finally have the time to remember you,
to think about the chaos,
the storm you brought in me.
i'm left feeling distraught, not with you but with myself for allowing it.
why didn't i fight the urge to go near you?
logic never saved me, it only made matters worse.
i tried to rationalize every part of you that didn't make any sense.
i tried to explain why every moment we part,
everything burns.
i'm still burning, only the flames are bigger.
and you're still the catalyst.
  May 2019 aury
Jordan Kwarteng
Hate is a paper cut
It comes from nowhere
You never know its there
Til you see it

Hate is a paper cut
You can try to  heal it
But the pain doesn't go
Though it does heal

Hate is a paper cut
It can slice through you
But it can heal
Hate is a paper cut
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