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SJ Feb 21
how cool is it that the same God who created mountains & oceans & galaxies, looked at you & thought the world needed one of you too ?
he loves you and i do too.
SJ Nov 2018
Sit up straight
chest out
Legs together

you'd look prettier

Brush your hair,
tight bun,
no stray hairs,
you'll look sloppy
no Man wants a girl like that

you should eat less
no Man wants a girl who eats too much
don't eat that
that's the reason for your stretch marks
you'll get fat
don't be fat
No Man wants a fat girl.

don't wear short skirts we don't want to see that...cellulite

...she's too skinny
"she looks anorexic haha"

Ew pimples,
dark circles under your eyes!

"Why are you wearing make up?
I only like girls with "natural" makeup",

don't wear that red lipstick
you'll look like a *****.

"Dude she is such a **** look how short her dress is"

"She's such a *****, show some leg, you're not a nun"

"She should loosen up, take a few shots, she's so up tight"

"Look at how much she has had to drink, she's so loose"

Men don't like girls who...yell
Men don't like girls who...swear
Men don't like girls who...drink
Men don't like girls who...smoke
Men don't like girls who...wear too much
Men don;t like girls who...wear too little
Men don't like girls hard to get
Men don't like girls who...are too easy
Men don't like girls too much
Men don't like girls who...don't eat
Men don't like girls who...are too clingy
Men don't like girls who...don't give them attention
Men don't like girls who...
Men don't like girls who...
Men don't like girls who...


I am a WOMEN.
SJ Nov 2018
The house was perfect
No matter how small.
Forget the broken window,
The stain on the carpet floor.

The explosion of toys over the floor,
The tea parties,
Cubby houses,
And Zombies at the park.
The urgent rush to tidy up
Before mum walked in the door.

Stories with Dad
A run-away lawn mower,
Bruce the shark.

On Christmas mornings,
When we would wake up,
To find map,
Guiding us to the treasure

In this house, I learnt what having a brother was like,
lots of cars
lots of trucks
lots of blocks

Where I learnt to walk
And talk
And laugh
Where I discovered the power of words,
The importance of doing your best
Taking pride in your work.
Treating others with kindness,
Not putting yourself first.

All the memories,
Echoes of laughter
The photos of a happy family
Like trophies on a shelf.

Clocks ticking,
Moving fast
Too fast.

Until one day,
We outgrew the house,
Small was just too small,
Where would we find space,
For the things that needed a place?

So, we packed up and left
Shutting the door
On memories and expired dreams
That weren’t around anymore

But we set off,
To make another house of bricks,
a perfect home.

— The End —