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Astrotourist Al Jul 2015
I saw people with empty eyes,
They saw stars in tv, but not in the sky.
I saw monsters inside
The figures in angels disguise.
Absence of time
Each moment is a new place.
Many will live their lives,
Without knowing themselves.
Astrotourist Al Jul 2015
Half moon is hanging like an evil hook.
Im drawing your warmth in my mind.
Im a space traveller, look
I travel by closing my eyes.
My quest is full of questions.
You drew a light inside me
In that sunless summer.
In that sea of sorrow.
In the world where no one's trying to be someone.
You drew a heart in a hollow beast.
A reason to be strongest.
You drew a rope when I was falling into abyss.
You drew a promise.
Astrotourist Al Mar 2015
It was cold inside the room,
Colder than Russian winter.
The moon was knocking on the windows.
Everythings frozen,
Even shadows stoped their dance.
Listen to the sound of pure silence
Can you recognize that sound?
Another minute of your life fell and smashed into pieces.
The room is ment to be the one that is never rented,
So empty,
That emptiness would hardly fit inside your little world of decorations.
It is possible that some day the phone will ring,
And the room will be destroyed.
It will not survive such disturbance.
Astrotourist Al Mar 2015
Where are your wings?
I quite liked them.
Liked your eyes,
I could sink in that blue ocean of mysteries.
You knew what my silence is speaking about,
You knew how to stop the rain of my darkest thoughts.
You knew which is my favourite pizza,
How many spoons of sugar...
Clouds are blooming in the sky,
I can see that while sitting inside the room with no windows.
The emptiness flooded the streets
In the city with no you.
Astrotourist Al Mar 2015
You won't find an exit
Without shaking hands with all of your demons
So stop knoking on the open doors.
Clock arrows spin like helicopter blades
So hurry up, take a shovel and start digging
Deeper inside you.
Heavens got their own problems,
Too many souls to judge and imprison in hell,
So stop asking them why you got in this mess
And ask a mirror.
Astrotourist Al May 2014
Inside the black heart of stone jungles
Electronic matches were lighting up the sky.
The little man
Trampled in haste and in fear of becoming
an "extra".
On a palm of the street, which was grieving the sun,
The little man has closed his eyes
to cover his emptiness.
Techno-sapiens like to suffer
And compose the reasons for illness.
They never saw the moon,
They were too busy compressing their lives into archives.
They never saw the stars,
Wanderers through infinite ocean of secrets.
The little man was frozen inside
In the world that he didn't designed.
His own world could easily fit
inside his mobile device.
The little man has fallen on the ground,
Try to understand,
He had to.
He had to open his eyes
To see the sky above the industry.
techno cyberpunk emptiness sad reality city man pain sun everthing
Astrotourist Al Apr 2014
On a large,
Dead and cold
Burned by emptiness.
Which is capable to influence the seas.
Feverishly whisper magic spells
In hope to change everything.
Our destiny went in cycles
By the nauseous drama scenario.
The oblivion holds our values and dreams in its teeth.
Considered that it is an illness -
To run towards tails of comets.
Maybe they were right after all,
Because our force disappeared,
We slowly descend into "nothing".
Air in our space suits comes to an end,
Our bathyscaphe is drowned in abyss.
Do you remember?
Those coward laughed and called a "bravado"
Our desperate flight to the moon?
You call me "the last",
Life - a box of sweets.
Those, others, who believe in nonsense and brands,
You forgot, as if they were never existed.
I don't know why we laugh.
To see the truth - is it a gift or simply a defect?
I don't know,
Why all of us are fighting,
But only against our selfs.
Untuned a guitar.
On a scene he is drilled by a stare of abyss.
All of their books and stories is just an useless chronicle
of apes.
Those who were invaluable were sold,
They ran on an aimless road and their armor have broken.
Those "Bandar-logs"
are seated and looking
On dances of mighty Kaa.
I hold you,
And stars laugh.
And space laughs loudly, hiding the book of secrets.
For them - we are only people
Comers from anywhere
And left in nowhere.
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