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1.2k · Mar 2021
ghost Mar 2021
I never asked to be born
1.2k · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
we are like stars
in endless void
forever faithful
to exist
in emptiness
I'm sorry, I added my own poem to collections but I'm obsessed with this one.
853 · Nov 2020
kinda lost
ghost Nov 2020
I'm ready to forgive you
but forgetting is a harder fight
840 · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
I took my knife out
ready to be tainted in red
and it makes me want to cry
I don't want to do it
I want to believe
we can be pure
but I'm
784 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
why should I apologize
for being a monster
when no one apologized
for turning me into one
770 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
look at the stars
                              isn't it bizarre
I see you up there
like a tiny flare
                              in that huge sky
you left me
                              in this world to die
                                 we could've gone together
                                         but just like the weather
      you're unpredictable
     but isn't this just typical
                I believe in love
                  so we will reunite above
as our children will gaze at us
I gaze at you
well, I technically mean that person is dead. just saying if you don't get it.
732 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
a slap from the one who always stood by my side
hurt more than being
stabbed a thousand times
if I could turn back time
I wouldn't disappoint you again
so, please
trust me once more
I promise ill hold onto it
like nothing else
ill love, you like you never felt the pain
when you're old
I'll hold your hand
and when you near the end
I'll be someone you're proud of
so trust me
it takes years to build trust but it takes a moment to break it.
637 · Jan 2021
ghost Jan 2021
Genuine kindness
is misunderstood
for ulterior motives.

Defensive claws
draw blood from
my open hand.

My tears hold
no expectations
lifting me up,
nurturing your fall.
616 · Oct 2020
ghost Oct 2020
the soft touch of my mother's hand
her warm embrace
the dreamland
it's slowly fading away
                               a little.....
                                      just a little longer
                       let me hold on to it
603 · Oct 2020
sleepless nights
ghost Oct 2020
I loved sleep
a second away from reality
death for a moment
heaven for a minute
hell for a while
but when they came
the sleepless nights
they made me so powerless
even when stabbed
my eyes they were open
so just for a moment
let me sleep
so for a while, I can be with mother
her warmth
I forget it on the sleepless nights
501 · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
let me drown
to the depths of the abyss
let me sink in regret
I have to understand
the crimes I've committed
only then can I truly change
442 · Jan 2021
breaking loves bond
ghost Jan 2021
It's better to live free from
the memory of love than
to be its prisoner in life.
430 · Feb 2021
ghost Feb 2021
Don’t you ever want to run?
run away

A place you’ve dreamed
But never been.

Somewhere no one knows you
A place that lacks judgement
and doesn’t consume your soul.

To breathe its very air
heals all your despair.

By walking on its grounds
you discover new sounds.

Maybe it is real
Maybe it’s in our head

But I will forever seek for it
before I am dead.
417 · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
this world is temporary
the money
it won't be in our graves
our possessions will be left behind
so live your life
while you can
412 · Jan 2021
ghost Jan 2021
Eternal sleep

Questions why

Answers keep

Reasons die

Darker still

Winter's night

Emotions ****

Souls' contrite

Time suspended

Final breath

As intended

Promises death...
376 · Jan 2021
ghost Jan 2021
A deep loneliness
Falling in love with strangers
Feigned intimacy
my first Haiku
375 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
I don't want to live
but I don't want to die either
so you ask
what do I want
it's simple
I want you
ghost Jan 2021
“You are ageless,” says time with a laugh. I needed a photograph to track my past. The future is alluring, the present is getting blurry, the past chimes in with an “I told you so” so I stood up tall, head held high, and accepted that even the truth wouldn’t make me cry. “This is when you know it's over, my friend”.
346 · Jan 2021
month of january
ghost Jan 2021
m-emories of the year past
o-n a day of new beginnings
n-odding head off to silent sleep
t-humbs congealed within the wintry chill
h-ours went by to the new year

o-ut the sheets
f-allen to the side

j-ust awaken from wintry slumber
a- crowd of children ran across streets
n-eighbors greet each other of the new day
u-nder the icicle drenched oak branches
a- cardinal chirped its lonesome song
r-elishing the piercingly fresh air
y-esterday's death, today's first breath
honestly one of my favorites of 2021.
330 · Dec 2020
dead man
ghost Dec 2020
no ghost shall fight a war
for the living
for a dead mans' war
are done
316 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
pain is your friend
it's your ally
it tells you when you've been
seriously wounded
and you know
what the best thing about pain is?
it tells you
you're not dead yet
293 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
what is to trust
is is to entrust
your soul to someone
is it to become from one
to two
come i'll give you a beautiful view
of my abandoned heart
since i trust you
i hope you to won't break me apart
290 · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
i use coffee to stay awake
when i sleep
i fade into our memories
than i see you break me
over and over
i see us together
than you leave me
an endless pit of darkness
you abandon me
i run after you
288 · Apr 2021
ghost Apr 2021
we try to escape demons by hiding away
and locking ourselves in our rooms
but what are we to do
when the demon follows us home?
people feign ignorance
and happiness is a trick of smoke and mirrors
when the stage is cleared
all that's left
are the scars
287 · Jan 2021
ghost Jan 2021
Flowers still bloom
in graveyards
and maybe
thats why
I’ve always
trauma and pain
can't destroy
a beautiful soul
278 · Feb 2021
ghost Feb 2021
Maybe I am a hollow tree with no leaves, with a family of owls living inside.
255 · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
live in silence
scream in agony
lay on thorns
run on fire
maybe than
I'll think about it
244 · Dec 2020
I am
ghost Dec 2020
they say
get up after you fall down
what if you never fell
since you never moved a step
what if you took a step
then never took one again
have you given up
or ar you tired of failing
cause I am
231 · Feb 2021
its not about the view
ghost Feb 2021
is patience
when the summit seems far
you‘ll get there
gaze at the stars
in wonder
as you did
all the way up
218 · Oct 2020
ghost Oct 2020
Your sweet lies
They really do taste like candy
Sweet in the outside
But slowly destroys you from within
218 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
after the battle
the blood was washed away with the rain
the sacrifices were forgotten
their lives became history
and history became a legend
and the legends were forgotten
218 · Oct 2020
ghost Oct 2020
it's time to die
living just takes too much energy
and I've run out of it
so let's meet again in the afterlife
don't blame me for bring being tired.
212 · Feb 2021
ghost Feb 2021
when I am gone
and no longer found
my soul in pieces
I hope
finds my words
my poems
and says
"I would've loved her"
201 · Feb 2021
the stone wolf
ghost Feb 2021
You made me approach
And then you disappear
I let my guard down
"You have taken advantage of it.

You made my mind, a maze.
And I lost myself.
I didn't ask for your help,
I could not...

I followed you like a gullible
In the hidden game of the world,
Waiting for the impossible.

Each time, coming up,
But moving me away.
With every step, it was done
In despair...

Making me
                      hate you,
To hate
            To hear your voice,
To hate
                To love you.
189 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
in a garden
I blend in the crowd
in a vase
I'm so alone
in this world
where do I belong?
186 · Oct 2020
"come pray to god"
ghost Oct 2020
"come pray to god"
is what they say  when there's nowhere left to run
you turn to him
185 · Jan 2021
wanderer in the dark
ghost Jan 2021
Been walking in shadows for as long all my life
darkness lingering the lack of light
I can't remember the last time I felt free
Forever enslaved by the rules of society
184 · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
time just won't stay
I guess it's bored
all it sees is greed and pointless drama
I'll make it fall in love with me
but I ended falling in love with it
so one-sided
it moved on
and I'm stuck
times up
182 · Jan 2021
feel those tears
ghost Jan 2021
I have been trying to fake this tough girl,
just to make them see,
that even in this rough world,
they are no one more to me.

I say I'm ok,
When I'm nowhere close to fine,
I was falling apart,
but I covered up the signs.

But now I'm gonna let them see,
what I've done to me,
I'm tired and I just want to,
Feel those Tears,
running down my cheeks,
that I held back so long,
Because they'd said I'm weak.
I want to feel those tears,
feel them wet my skin,
They've lost for so long,
this time I want to let them win,
I want to feel those tears.

The anthem used to go,
I'm ok go away.
I know I'm broken,
I'm alive, I'm awake.

But I'm not gonna lie,
not today,
I know I'm broken,
but it's not too late.

But now I'm gonna let them see,
what I've done to me,
I'm tired and I just want to,
Feel those Tears,
running down my cheeks,
that I held back so long,
Because they'd say I'm weak,
I want to feel those tears,
feel them wet my skin,
They've lost for so long,
this time I want to let them win,
I want to feel those tears.

Sometimes I don't feel like talking,
But I got to keep going, got to keep walking,
Sometimes I just want to sit here crying,
But now all I want to do is feel those tears.
this is probably one of my longest poems.
180 · Dec 2020
behind the mist
ghost Dec 2020
Conjure the hidden
behind the mist.
Electric in movement,
If I could only freeze this beautiful moment.
* Sheet lightning is lightning within a cloud that lights up as a “sheet” of luminosity during the flash. The lightning itself can't be seen by a spectator, so it appears as a flash, or sheet of light.
178 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
Silence Loves to Hide
the Feelings
We Carry So Loudly
in Our Hearts
178 · Oct 2020
ghost Oct 2020
my dire apprehensions
they gracefully disappear
as the waves emerge
my eyes waterless
the wind tangled in my lashes sparked a cry
the lonely ocean
washes away my woes
as the waves emerge
the lies are purified
so the ocean heard my cry
I did this poem thanks to the help of Ariana solo. she's an amazing poet. thanks to her help I learned a lot.
go check out Ariana solo.
174 · Oct 2020
ghost Oct 2020
I was shot to death
laughed to death
I cried to death
but I came back for you every time
to make sure you don't go through the same
I just wanna see you smile
so smile for me
173 · Nov 2020
love and hate
ghost Nov 2020
is there a difference between
love and hate
there is
but in the end, it's just an emotion
and feelings change
172 · Mar 2021
ghost Mar 2021
I came into this world expecting
nothing from anyone
just everyone
expecting something from me
168 · Feb 2021
weathered the storm
ghost Feb 2021
staring at the mirror,
despair raids her light and air

in the reflection,
blinded by her beauty,
the bright florescent light
etches furrows
traces the side of her nose
to her mouth

yesterday's shadow
creeps from behind
sends bitter ripples
down her face
a reminder
of the loneliness, she hides
166 · Feb 2021
deadly grind
ghost Feb 2021
When is a kidnapping not a kidnapping?
You must think I'm a clown.
The answer is all over your face,
it's when you don't want to be found.

Your life is a mobile circus,
time to cut bait.
If you don't do it soon,
you'll catch a bullet in the breastplate.

Drop off the face of the earth,
now all worries are left behind.
You would do anything
to get out of this deadly grind.
161 · Dec 2020
ghost Dec 2020
I'm a poet
I write
for the sole reason
of writing
I just want to bleed
my heart out
on this piece of paper
161 · Nov 2020
ghost Nov 2020
beautiful silence
beautiful pain
we're only human
we're meant to dream
lost in a life full of mistakes
we do what feels right
then fall with no grace
chased by the sun
escaping flatlines
dreams are a curse
wake up you're alive
158 · Feb 2021
to live
ghost Feb 2021
              Why are young people always on their phones ?.

            It’s the only place they can afford to live !.
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