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280 · Feb 28
Won't You
Atlas Feb 28
Won't you whisper
Your secrets in my ear?
Let me know all of you
I promise I'll hold them dear

Won't you spill
Your soul to me?
Let me know your dark mind
Shed your mask and be set free

Won't you allow me
To hold you tight?
Let me comfort you
During the darkest of nights

Why won't you?
244 · Jan 24
Lie with you
Atlas Jan 24
When I lay with you
Time seems to slow

Eyelashes flutter
Like a butterfly flying off

As you glance down at me
Through droopy eyelids

One day I shall join you
6 feet under

And lay with you once again
212 · Feb 3
Atlas Feb 3
My heart was battered and bruised
And although I was wary of loving
I couldn't help but fall for you
You nursed my wounds
Telling me you loved me

Then you left

Leaving a tear on my heart
Worse than all of my previous bruises
This time I won't scar
Without you I'll bleed out

You were selfish
And now I am gone

Scar: A mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely and fibrous connective tissue has developed.
144 · May 28
Paper Plastic
Atlas May 28
All these paper people
With paper hearts
Just waiting to be stained
Waiting to be T-O-R-N

Sure tape can patch them up
But all that tape
Has them covered in plastic

All these plastic people
With all their whole hearts
I guess now we know
Why they're all so fake
139 · Jun 2
Atlas Jun 2
You told me we'd get through this
That we'd make it to the end
That you would help me be okay
But time goes on
And things only seem to be getting worst
I don't want to say I don't trust you...
But I'm drowning in doubt
136 · May 5
Mountains & Valleys
Atlas May 5
Life is full of mountains and valleys
There is no middle ground
No, "okay" days
No normality
Either have my head in the clouds
Or deep down in hell
And when I try to climb
Halfway up and stop
All I do is
The bad days seem
More often than the good
Falling is so much easier
Than climbing
111 · 7d
Atlas 7d
Maybe I can't fix you...
But that doesn't mean I'm not going to try
100 · Mar 3
The Colors of Love
Atlas Mar 3
I love you
I really do

So much that I have to stay away
Even if without you my world is grey

Afraid of hurting you
I don't wish to make you feel blue

I reject all food, my agony unseen
If I do eat it'll come back up green

I feel many colors but the only ones in sight
Are black and grey and white

The voices in my head
Make me only want to see red

And although I love you
It's better that we're through
94 · 6d
River girl
Atlas 6d
Water pools around her feet
Constant stream of ripples
The river reflects bright light
As the girl sings a sweet melody
I watch from afar
Wishing I could sing along
To the sweet river girl
87 · Feb 24
Stick and Stones
Atlas Feb 24
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can never hurt me

Words can't break my bones
But they sure can

Break my heart
84 · Apr 28
Atlas Apr 28
Spin yourself a web of lies
And expect to get stuck
Captured in your own trap
81 · May 16
Atlas May 16
I didn't even get to say goodbye
Before you were sent off to live with angels

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