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Atlas 7d
I didn’t realize
I had fallen in love
Until I noticed
My eyes straying
From the clouds
And onto you
Atlas 7d
Scream into the dark
And tell me, my dear
Which do you dread more
The echo?
Or the answer?

Atlas 7d
You forgave her
You forgave her
You forgave
Atlas Oct 10
I’ve spent so long
Chasing after who
I thought I was
Suppose to be

That I didn’t realize
I left who I was
Atlas Oct 9
She’s not a villain
She’s simply a hero
That’s been wronged
Atlas Oct 4
Sometimes the masks we wear
Aren’t the ones on our faces
But the ones on our heart

Lucky for me
He always had the habit
Of working his way in
Atlas Sep 28
If you don’t see the damage
Then the damage doesn’t really exist
Does it?
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