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Atlas Jun 2019
I found you slumped on the kitchen floor
Arms wrapped around yourself as you gaze at the tile pattern
It's times like this when I can't tell
What's going on inside your mind
All I can tell is that your thoughts seem to be going
200 miles an hour
Spiraling from one misery to the next
When you notice my stare
You get up claiming to need some air
And what can I do but leave you there?
Atlas Jul 2019
Are you deaf?
Did you not hear
When I told you to leave?

Are you blind?
Can't you see
How worthless I truly am?

Can you not smell?
The scent of defeat
Hovering around me?

Can you not taste?
The bitterness I leave
In your mouth?

Can you not feel?
The sharp edges
Of my shattered pieces?
Atlas Aug 2019
Where shall we run off to today, my love?
Atlas Jul 2019
You're not safe here.
Enraveled in the vien's.
Of my heart.
As it chars.
And turns black.
Walls crumbling.
Around you.
Dust clogging.
Your throat.
Your love lit.
A fire within.
But every fire.
Dies out.
And with it.
Atlas May 2020
It won’t be like last time
It will never be like last time
Never again
Atlas Jul 2019
"I think I love you"
I confess in a whisper
And I can see in her daffodil eyes
The doubt and despair
That tear her apart

A gorgeous sort of sadness
Consumes me
The kind you want to inhale
And hide away in your heart

Atlas May 2019
I didn't even get to say goodbye
Before you were sent off to live with angels

Atlas Oct 2020
God must hate me
If he allowed me to
Fall in love with
One of his angels
Atlas Sep 2019
She got lost in a good book
And never came back
Atlas Jun 2019
Another night in which I find myself arguing with God
As he mutter about how lost my mother is
I tell him, "But my mother hits me"
"She ignores me"
"She doesn't care about me"
And yet he continues with his mutter
Forgetting about my troubles
And all I can do is shout,
"She HATES me!!"
Yet once again he doesn't seem to hear me
I get it
No one does
Atlas Jul 2019
Art is fleeting
Lasting only a moment
Soon forgotten

Is that why
You and your beauty
Left this world
So quickly?
Atlas Jun 2019
The wind blew against my face
Whipping dark hair along with it
My toes brushing the ground beneath me
As the swing lightly rocks me back and forth
Holding me in a soothing embrace that my mother never could
As light specks of rain began to speckle the cement
The swings lets out a screech
Metal against metal
And as I rock back and forth
A melody is heard
This little swing set
Seems to be playing a sad tune
For me
Atlas Jul 2019
You said to follow my heart
But it has led me astray
And now I'm more lost than ever
Atlas Nov 2019
I’ve developed a terrible habit
One that makes my wrists
Burn and bleed
It makes my soul
Yearn and weep
Simply to punish myself
For being me.
Atlas Nov 2019
It was plain for anyone to see
That you and me
Was a terrible idea
Seems you cannot
Build a relationship
Simply off of love.
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