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Abdulrhman Jul 29
I'm asking u
for a favor
you and me
we gotta do something
its a ******
we need to ****
our love
Abdulrhman Jul 14
She's sick
of me
I know that
I'm sick
of me
Abdulrhman Jul 14
You were asleep
You love God
But you didn't wake up to pray
as you wake up to check
If she have sent you a message
Abdulrhman Jul 12
I write in bathroom
I write when I'm sad
I write when I read
I write when I feel
I write when I need
I write when I'm out
I write when I'm here
I write when I see
I write when I listen
I write when I'm missing
I write at night
I write when I'm right
I write everywhere
I'm a writer
I'm a proud
Abdulrhman Jul 12
Is the last thing
that proves
you are free
Abdulrhman Jul 12
I look blue.
Yellow when I laugh
Red when I think
Black when I love
Dark when I remember
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