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Abdulrhman Nov 2018
he is not a child anymore
but he still want his mommy
Abdulrhman Sep 2019
Sometimes I'm weird
But I'm always stranger
Abdulrhman Jul 2019
She's sick
of me
I know that
I'm sick
of me
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
Stop telling me facts about life on morning and let me smoke
Abdulrhman Nov 2018
hey world
thanks for making this option
Abdulrhman Nov 2018
Your innocence
makes me
want to
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
i like symbols
i love symbols
i do symbols
i write symbols
im a symbol
Abdulrhman Jul 2019
emotional things makes you cry
painful things makes you cold
tough things makes you stronger
and no proplem with that
the proplem is
nothing makes you laugh
not any more
not any more
Abdulrhman Jul 2019
Is the last thing
that proves
you are free
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
believe that
because no one is going to tell you:
"you can't start over"
but I'm saying it to you
"you can't start ****"
cause you're totally ******
you need to deal with this
and kiss whoever the ******* want.
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
tell me the truth
when you said:
“try harder”
did you meant??
i mean, are you ******* serious
don’t you see
I’m dying,
Abdulrhman Jun 2018
give me a poem
in my hand
or a bullet
in my head

both will make me bleeding
Abdulrhman Nov 2019
-You smoke a lot !
Cause I'm burning you dumb
Abdulrhman Jul 2019
You were asleep
You love God
But you didn't wake up to pray
as you wake up to check
If she have sent you a message
Abdulrhman Nov 2019
I like hands
and I know
you will say:
me too
Abdulrhman Jul 2019
I'm asking u
for a favor
you and me
we gotta do something
its a ******
we need to ****
our love
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
when you don’t love anything except walking away …
Abdulrhman Oct 2018

yea, keep walking
run, my friend
Abdulrhman Dec 2018
o my god
I'm freezing
have mercy
upon me
send me love
as if I've never
tasted it before
a flame
to burn my very soul
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
no doubt
no fears
no questions,


touch me
Abdulrhman Dec 2018
Normally right ?
To be calm
When you're sad
And cry
When you're very
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
take me
back there
when it’s winter
and am happy
because of
Abdulrhman Dec 2018
i hate that
you can't be a poet
you have no sense
you're miserable
and mad
you still my favorite poem
and i love you for that
Abdulrhman Dec 2018
to stop
that was
my worst nightmare
Abdulrhman Dec 2018
I've nothing to say
For today
Being home
Is a poetic thing
Abdulrhman Dec 2018
deep into
my chest

big box
of love

made of
glass and stars

Written on it

through me
through me

but don't use me
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
maybe I'm exactly like you
but I'm not you
and I'm not sure
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
everyone was afraid to ask :
"did i make you happy"
everyone was afraid to answer:
"you only make me wonder"
Abdulrhman Nov 2019
I believe in miracles
That's why I'm so sad
Abdulrhman Feb 2019
locking doors
death wishes
love fantasies
and nothing
Tips to bake the perfect dry tears
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
there's something
people call it "destiny"
others call it "luck"
and i don't know what to call it, but..
it's something between
smoke and fire
into ****** cup
this is how i see it
oh wait
I'm a blind man
Abdulrhman Jul 2019
I write in bathroom
I write when I'm sad
I write when I read
I write when I feel
I write when I need
I write when I'm out
I write when I'm here
I write when I see
I write when I listen
I write when I'm missing
I write at night
I write when I'm right
I write everywhere
I'm a writer
I'm a proud
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
they made love
best of love
when they hate
each other
he know nothing but
a furious passion
she loves nothing but
that kind of power
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
i want to taste your voice


sing in my mouth.
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
I said {I’m trying}
but i don’t believe it
cause I feel {I’m done}
in my stomach
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
my poetry is ****
cause I'm not a poet
I'm in pain
and empty inside
i need to write, only
when i feel sick
Abdulrhman Nov 2018
they love fairytale ,
and roses
but not the one who once
cuts himself
Abdulrhman Nov 2018
is sad

Is death

Is memory

Is lonely

Is love

White ..
What’s white ?

to forget about all these colors
And to move on with your life
Abdulrhman Nov 2018
i want to write
a poem
about this
and how it feels beautiful
these days
Abdulrhman Dec 2018
is good
for those who looking
for meanings
death is so good
for those who got
the meaning of
Abdulrhman Nov 2018
i made a list
i named it
"not welcome anymore"
and guess what?
i put you on top
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
start, no
i just continue, and
it feels like
holy beginning
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
talk to me
the way you spoke to your god,  
with your eyes closed
and tears on your face
Abdulrhman Sep 2018
isn't weird to say to your love that you need him
what's weird is that
there's no love
there's no you
but you still feel need
Abdulrhman Jan 2019
Much love
Much pain
Oh god
Help me
I don't have
other words
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