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Àŧùl Dec 2019
My biological birth anniversary is coming,
Just two weeks are still remaining.

Turning I shall be twenty-nine,
I hope to be at my birthday fine.

Study I shall more for my exams,
These won't get over till later days.

The toughest examination I wrote,
With my blood, I had written it.

May 7th, you know the day,
It is my second birthday.

Second birthday as a disaster,
A disaster that was averted.

The year was Twenty Ten,
Fall I did off the bike then.

Plunged into a deathly coma,
I scared both my Pa and Ma.

However, here I am, rhyming again,
Writing poems to forget the pain.
My HP Poem #1816
©Atul Kaushal
Samreena Lodhi May 2018
When I will be gone,
Always remember me,
keep me in your memories.
Always find me in your company.

When I will be gone,
NEVER let my trust beside,
NEVER let tears to come in your eye,
NEVER let yourself cry behind me.

When I will be gone,
Find me in your dreams,
where I always used to fly.
Search me in your smile,
Where I always used to pass.
But, please! Never! let yourself sigh.
When I will be gone.

— The End —