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from a dry split pod,
a lot of winged seeds explode;
a future forest
Heavenly Father
Please give me an answer
Why Your love doesn't waver?
Numb, numb to dumb.
Alls been said and done
And here we are
Standing in the rain
Sweet tears, wet pain
Fear not loved one
We'll ride this ocean
Of emotion and
Come out smiling
Fingers on the dials
Of happiness  
And warm under
The blankets of love
 Mar 7 Theamage
The hardest part
Will be the days that come after.
Prepare your heart.
 Mar 7 Theamage
The truth is harshly worded
It sounds so far away
But when you hear it calling
It almost seems interesting
As you search for answers
You find it further away
The truth is a knife
The lie is sweet like candy
You seem to like sweets
 Feb 17 Theamage
 Feb 17 Theamage
talking to you
fits like a glove
you're not the one
I'm dreaming of
In my mind
I create worlds
Of endless possibilities
Ones in which I do not pretend
I can be who I am
A picture may be worth a thousand words
But none of them adore you.

Wicked and malicious
Dark and fiendish
Knavish and swarthy

Luckily words are empty
And actions are temporary
But a shredded image can go a long way.
have you been
i guess not,
for your attention
in my poem
could tell
sorry if this nurse
took so long
in finding
the perfect words
to cure
your soul
***** your clothes
stand at the mirror
gaze at the
creature with
the foggy figure
a sinkhole
in those eyes
and a temporary
stitch whenever
you would
the collarbone
which hides,
suffocates from the
blanket of skin
sickening lies
it penetrated
corrupted your mind
ignored the
fact and just
the beast
will **** you,
don't find
it ****
the chaos is screaming
later on
you'll be
i know how
a reflection
you lost yourself
you lost you
it's like
having a stray cat
beneath your
a wandering stranger
sails from
the memories
of truth
overflowing blood
your dilemmas
it mimicked the
fire of ****
in those
the greatest harm
you'll ever
cause you
but why a
and not a
listen here,
you are your
the cure and the pain,
which decision
will define?
all i can
say is,
save yourself
from death,
it hasn't
deseved you yet
go ahead
and fight your
way to life
I suffered from these issues. And I don't have to wait to heal completely so i could serve my people.
 Nov 2018 Theamage
She sits alone in her room,
Listening to the sound of raindrops pounding on the window,
Demanding to be let in.
She cries in silence, for the pain she bares is too much,
She laughs with friends, flirts, jokes, alive with joy,
But in the end it's when she's all alone..
She chokes..
The crushing weight of dread, loneliness, and sorrow stab at her chest..
She wonders, when can she rest…
The voices are upon arrival, telling her there's no survival;
She pulls herself closer to hide the demons within..
But how can you drown them if they know how to swim?
‘Dunk them under’, they say, ‘smother them’;
‘How can I do that’ , she asks, ‘If they are inside me?’
As the rain pours louder, her heart shatters like glass,
The sharp edges cutting fast,
She asks herself,’How much longer can I last?’
As she takes the final slash
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