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294 · Mar 4
Theamage Mar 4
So much of lights,
An illusion, is it? I feel dark,
Lights so many, maybe a dim light?
Feels so but it is not.

Not a sunny day, today,
So, trying to chill with Netflix,
It is so cold and the air is blowing,
People with umbrellas and swimsuit,

Is it you? That's making me illusioned,
Well, I do not think, it is me too,
I suppose it is me, but what is it?
Bubbling mind, it is alright,
I am okay with Netflix.
257 · Feb 18
Theamage Feb 18
I guess I was well taught,
But I strived for more,
Now, I have got the only perfect thing,
A dilemma, Dilemma, and Dilemma

Silence is sometimes the answer,
Sometimes the fear,
Sometimes the anger,
Sometimes dilemma.

Knowing actual thing has been the solution,
But I can only see things that are meant to,
I can only hear things that are meant to,
Where is the originality?

The invisible power we are controlled by,
But here includes no heaven,
Fearful for the invisible power,
here includes no ****.
206 · Apr 7
Theamage Apr 7
Are you the one?
You got purpose,you do
Blunt purpose, is it worth?
Perception, you will say
Sharp, is it worth?
Doppelganger, yes, not me
Short time, blunt or sharp?
Perception, beside, real talk?
206 · Sep 2018
I Believe
Theamage Sep 2018
I believe in the dreams coming true,
I believe in the manipulated lies,
I believe in god and demon,
I am a big guy.

I believe dreams come true if work on it,
I believe there are lies,
I believe there is something wrong,
I am now a little big guy.

I believe dreams come true if only work hard,
I believe there are liars,
I believe there is almost everything wrong,
I am a small guy now.

I believe dreams are only made for actual dreamers,
I believe there are lies which make you lie,
I believe there is everything wrong,
I am a very small guy now.
169 · Aug 2018
For me
Theamage Aug 2018
Sagarmatha, it wasn't really high
Pacific, it wasn't really big
Nile, it wasn't really long
For me, Cause I was a dreamer

I have seemed to realize,
I have seemed to feel,
I have seemed to hear,
For me, a dream has been an illusion now

I will be forgotten,
I will be unknown,
I will be sleeping long,
For me, I am already gone
157 · Feb 9
Theamage Feb 9
Sunshine so bright,
The days of fruit,
Surrounded  by happiness,
Well, cause time is now.

Had had my hands dry,
Pains even in the sleep,
Dark circles and bad circle,
But still woke up each day early,

Didn't know about days or months,
It was just 24 hours all I knew,
In all, I knew there was a dream,
It was so real and true for me.
145 · Mar 5
Strike of "X" and "Y"
Theamage Mar 5
Trying to escape,
I am "X" within "Y",
I am not alone,
I know, I know,

Tell when you feel same,
So, we could figure it out,
Strikes, I am "Y" within "X",
It's not a disease, you know,
Tell me when you feel the same,

Nostalgia, now a new feeling for me,
Strikes, I am "X" within "Y",
Love and hatred, an old feeling,
Strikes, I am "Y" withing "X",
Wonder? Not, Tell me when you feel same,
I know, I know, not alone "XY"
135 · Oct 2018
Theamage Oct 2018
Again I am trying to fill the soul,
I am trying to spread the positivity,
At some point in life we all die,
But however, we tend to feel the life again.

But once darkness gets you,
Once the darkness loves you,
You can't betray it,
Cause you can't ignore it.

We all feel strong when darkness is new,
We all feel high when darkness is getting into,
We all feel sick and crazy when it's into you,
When its really into you we all seek help.

Overdoes the darkness you,
You shall not live happily after,
Over the darkness you,
You shall never see a light again.
108 · Oct 2018
Dont feel it!
Theamage Oct 2018
I feel there is nothing to be written,
Cause I am all null,
Actually, I  feel nothing,
But I somehow feel the void inside me.

Dug to the deepest,
I found darkness,
I found brightness, a lie.
Not a lie cause I had it.

Pathetic you are when I am high,
Sober I feel the pathetic I am,
I could grasp that fresh air though high,
Sober I feel no wind.

I got superpower and,
Two heads fighting,
Not sure who is right,
I can't be myself.
101 · Aug 2018
Alive dead
Theamage Aug 2018
I will escape the reality, 
I will escape the world,                 
 I will escape the universe,      
 Sooner or later.    
There is void inside me,            
There is demon inside me,
There is pure soul inside me,
And there will be nothing.

I will judge you,
I will curse you,
I will like you,
But I feel illusion.

I am already born,
I am already dead,
I am already somewhere in life,
And I am somewhere in time.
100 · Nov 2018
Dark Days
Theamage Nov 2018
The light is bright,
I still feel the darkness,
The day is sunny,
But I feel cloudy.

You know it won't last,
Nor it will go fast,
So with darkness and cloud,
I am still trying living,

I don't know what is written,
Cause there isn't anything,
Its all your will,
Its all you did.
86 · Sep 2018
Theamage Sep 2018
Darkness holding me,
Though its quite sunny day,
Gradually,even fearing brightness,
Its actually a black hole.

Long way thinking,
Trying to let go,
But it will stay,
Cause I am captured.

Lads talking about dreams,
Mine are already broken,
Lads talking bout bright future,
Mine already is dark.

Sepetrated by thoughts,
United by darkness,
Its a united group of dark,
Unification not always great.
53 · Sep 2018
Foul of system
Theamage Sep 2018
I tend not to breathe,
But still, I got to live,
Cause I want to bring change,
Cause I want to see dreamers.

Foul of the system,
It's no healthy breathing,
For the peaceful mind,
For the freedom of the person.

The hatred between normal,
Death of the normal,
I am the **** elite,
I enjoy, I am fulfilled,

I am talking bout specific elite that's me,
There ain't no one except me,
Cause I am the only one,
And I feel immortal.
48 · Sep 2018
Theamage Sep 2018
I have had hold breath for a sleeping part,
I strived for it every time the part,
There is air holding me back,
I smell the air around me without intent.

I must feel before getting hard into it,
But I can't feel the desire of it,
I made up my mind but not making for it,

I see the darkness in front of me,
Because I feel no tireless and stressed,
I see it often but I often undo seen it,
Cause I manipulated to live only in present.

There is the rage about something,
I can feel it literally but can't express it,
I am the train which always moves the wrong path,
I soon will be of no use or else right path.
46 · Oct 2018
At the end
Theamage Oct 2018
We all were dreamers,
We all felt wild,
We all went crazy,
We all were young once.

You hold something,
I hold some another thing,
We holding differently,
Though we all were young once.

It's now the time for the end,
Wild, Dream, and Crazy is trash,
We all want same again,
The peace.
44 · Sep 2018
Theamage Sep 2018
The sound of darkness yes,
It moans and calls my name,
I try to escape from it,
But even on a very sunny day, it comes.

Guess I am a crazy person,
Cause I create the darkness,
Cause I sometimes let go myself,
Cause I don't have brightness in mind.

I don't fear anyone now,
Though I know there are tough people,
Cause once you get the darkness,
You feel like you are the one.

Darkness I might one day escape,
I might one day see the slight light,
I might one day see the actual brightness,
I might one day feel alive again.
43 · Aug 2018
Average being
Theamage Aug 2018
We all are dead inside,
We all are full of hatred,
We all are filled with a void,
By now.

I should be awakened,
I should be something,
I should be an intelligent being,
By now.

Now I see the future,
I see the dream fulfilled,
I see the love and peace,
All in the beautiful imagination.

I know all the things,
I know that I know all the things,
I know people can be in between,
And I know people can be ******.
43 · Feb 20
Theamage Feb 20
Well, it is so obvious,
Everyone dream but I do not,
I have not tried to achieve,
Maybe, I have not dreamt for real.
Trips me, my thoughts,
Vision always dark,
Where there exist fool,
I am no fool but still dark,
Found photons but still dark,
There lacks something but,
It is just a laziness
35 · Nov 2018
A story
Theamage Nov 2018
Most made a sound at flight,
Didn't land quite smoothly,
He flew like an owl,
Only had half opportunity,
But still made it,
LIke a butter.

Well, it's maybe about patience,
Or somehow about few chances,
But it's not important,
The success is all we hug into,
Reaching peak is all we into.

A peak of the world isn't high now,
Astronomy has been basic but deep,
But sometimes gravity pulls so hard,
He is all your's - the earth.

No perfect body but the perfect soul,
Considering has been an option,
Now spaceship has been the concept.
33 · Nov 2018
Strong Feeling
Theamage Nov 2018
I am never going to die,
Neither are you,
There, big things that hold me,
That holds you too.

I'm not ****** nor arrogant,
I just got bright blood,
And you are wrong,
But I am not.

Feels like good days only for me,
Feels like its forever,
Feels like immortal,
Until something hits me.

Life seems to be falling,
Cold even in sun, dark in brightness,
Guess bad days are coming,
But still won't die nor being arrogant.

The time has come and I feel numb,
I feel I have lost immortality,
Still, I hold dreams but a loser,
But I am starting to feel wise.
33 · Mar 9
Theamage Mar 9
Touch, me if you can,
Catch, me if you can,
You will never, can do that,
Maybe in dreams,
Maybe if you reach the level.

***** my head,
Shot me down,
You will never **** me,
It's not about your world,
Here, I am talking spiritually.
31 · Nov 2018
Theamage Nov 2018
Looking forward to life,
Maybe it's going to beautiful,
maybe I won't see it,
An assumption is all I make.

But I am lost,
Yes, it's me,
No that's not me,
I was a dreamer,

Faster than a light a tie,
I am no old but I feel,
it's not about strength,
It's about doing for the world.

Right now I am literally dull,
It's not like I lost wisdom,
Maybe time moving faster,
It keeps jumping for another thing.
30 · Mar 31
Theamage Mar 31
Breathed desperately, cause I wanted you,
Breathing perilously, cause you are with me,
Wow! such an astonishment, isn't it?
Well, it is not the time and you know.

Suppressed, but still alive for the first love,
Anxious, that you will not leave,
Extortion, that is what you been doing,
Naive, I am because I am still in love.

And, With all, I found something deep,
I have a love for you but not reverence,
I have been imperiled, with what I gave,
So, I have only the Hobson's choice,
And, for the last time! Oh, Dahling,
You need to let me be the bird again.
28 · Nov 2018
You Dahling!
Theamage Nov 2018
I am standing still,
But I am in a long walk,
While going away,
There is beautiful music in my head.

There stands no one but you,
The perfect weather and all,
Its all no ordinary,
Cause you hold everything for me.

The reality made me walk really,
Maybe next time in another walk,
Maybe I get you when really walking,
The real happiness is in thoughts of maybe.
27 · Feb 17
Real Human
Theamage Feb 17
No, it's not the same,
Still, while I am running,
Sinking, while I am floating,
I might become half man,
No narcissism but still...,

Now, I am all in for the world,
Basically, I am energy now,
So much grown, no broken things,
Fruit of all season.

I am opulent now,
I am dominating,
I want to suppress,
You now can call me elite.
27 · Nov 2018
Theamage Nov 2018
I am never going to die,
Nor are you,
There are big things that hold ya,
That holds me.

I'm not ****** not arrogant,
I just have warm blood,
You've almost everything wrong,
But I don't.

Feels like good days only for me,
Feels like its forever,
Feels like actual immortal,
Until something hits you.

Life seems to be falling,
Cold even in sun, dark in brightness,
Guess bad days are coming,
But still won't die nor being arrogant.

It's the time I feel numb,
I feel I have lost immortality,
Still, I had dreams but am a loser,
But I am starting to feel wise.
27 · 7d
Witch Doctor
Trying to escape,
Question, escape what ?
Ghost, holding and torturing,
Seen him and touched too.

Disclosure,no, I am no mad-man,
Him, I fear and you do not,
All these time, surrounded,
Surely, I have organs missing,
Oh mirror! I look healthy.

Alive, "the mantras" and imagination?
Shoulder heavy, no flying in the ceiling,
Faith and witch doctor, an another part,
Maybe someday, no more him.
26 · Feb 11
Read Write
Theamage Feb 11
We were writing things,
We were reading the things,
We just write the same thing with a different pattern,
We reading the same thing,
But, but I wanna write something,
But I want to read something,
Which never been read nor been written,
The pattern doesn't have to be complicated,
The pattern doesn't have to be new,
It just would do so fine,
It would do just like a simple life,
That's all I want to read,
That's all I want to write.
22 · Jan 16
Theamage Jan 16
Holding myself like a thought,
Too tight, too deep,
I may never get out of this,
But there is a clock beside me.

Jumping into something,
Still holding myself hard,
I will never see what's beneath,
Well, I have tried flying too.

'Bipashna' and self-medication,
Love, care and mutual feeling,
Wait these all are numb things,
Cause I still hold myself like a thought,

Thoughts holding thoughts,
Striving to fly or jump,
Its all delusional,
So I am still holding myself like a thought.
18 · Feb 21
Theamage Feb 21
******, I was,
That I prayed,
Put my thoughts into thoughts,
So now, praying is ******,
As you wish to be Superman.

— The End —