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John Constantine Jul 2017
A man with the people's good at heart
And self inflicted gun shots from an AK-47
Lay dead in the palace of currency

American funded bombs drop overhead
Radio waves shiver through the air
Carrying his final words

Let not his sacrifice be in vain
Let us repair and rebuild avenues across which great men and women will walk

¡Viva Chile!
¡Viva el pueblo!
¡Viva los trbajadores!
John Constantine Jul 2017
There are spiders in my room
There are friends in my room
They eat flies and other useless and oblivious things
And one day they'll come and eat me
But thats ok that's ok
I'm ready for that day
I look forward to my own personal reckoning

They'll crawl inside and lay little eggs
Sometimes I feel them even when they're not on me
Their eight skinny little legs
Plenty of little eyes helping them see

That I am a house pest and I must go
Wrap me up and eat me
What happens after death I don't know
But I'm excited to die and see
John Constantine Aug 2016
I remember that time you said it was kinda cute that I listened to classical music. I didn't get he thought process behind it but that was ok

I remember when I first kissed you and you got all red and you did that cute little smile you do

I can't remember the last time I had a nights sleep without you being a part of my dreams

But that's all I've got of you. Memories

I don't think It's neither of our faults that that's the case

Or maybe it's both our faults

Regardless of either I wish this wasn't the case I wish I could spend time with you

But misery is wasted on the miserable the real love is this lonesome sadness and the emptiness

This is the best part

The sad part will be when I don't miss you anymore

And you're just another tally on the wall
John Constantine Aug 2016
Life's not easy in a life in a world of flux between depression and ecstasy
In my free time I listen in on feeds from better off stations

I can't get no satisfaction. I'm not even sure if I still want your satisfaction. I've been mixing uppers and downers trying to find a nonexistent happy medium.

Hard work and working out isn't working out but laying around is just depressing. I know I should be doing something but that something might even be in this country

I got one for keeping me company at night and one to open up to and one to tell my ideas to but together they're missing the factor of being you
John Constantine Jul 2016
I could feel my face rush with blood I wasn't sure who I was

I could feel the anticipation in the air I knew what I felt is something we'd share

Cause I felt you body press up against mine

and I felt your face in my shoulder and you looked fine

And I felt your embrace for the first time

Cause I felt your bra strap through your shirt and I felt a pulse if was yours for sure

I could see you even though I'd closed my eyes I was shaking even though I was paralyzed

You couldn't believe this real I was scared by what I could feel

What should I do with this? What can I do with this? What should I do with this?
Pure emotion
This was supposed to be a song but idk how to play the guitar so a poem will do
John Constantine Jul 2016
Wild Texas winds blowing without caution. While the Cool air conditioning freezes the tips of ears

***** Fish tank water splashing just feet away

Trying to sleep to excuse myself from time
Trying not to sweat thinking about upcoming crimes

But none of that will matter in nine hours
Nothing will matter in nine hours
Besides you

It shouldn't be this exciting but I can't help myself
Shouldn't be this well planned but we can't risk a thing

Bourgeois peering over our shoulders
Proletariat Double agents watching from a distance

This isn't what happened lasttime
I've never felt this before

Thought induced nausea
I keep coming back for more

But none of that will matter in nine hours
Nothing will matter in nine hours
Besides you
John Constantine Jul 2016
Black hair black glasses black jeans red shoes
Walnut skin brown eyes gentle heart

Walking around or sitting in a chair
You're always perfect   I'm  always there

You may not notice the other guys but I do
I see the way you look at me I see the way they look at you

Hair- flowing in the wind soft sound of small feet
I stand and realize what I'm doing
I shouldn't do this. No one should

We'll laugh long. We'll laugh hard. Like two fireflies in a jar.

I'm not perfect that's quite clear. What's not clear is our future if we last to see it I need to make it through and I need you
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