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Maybe i'll make you
a love potion
Made of cyanide.

Just so you know what it feels like
To truly be dying inside.

If this is sugar
Then it's not so sweet.

If this is blood well
Honey, it's not that deep.
It's dark in the wild searching
For my inner child
As i lay my sins down
Onto the ground
I'm trying to run
But i can't help still holding on
To the thread
And the voice driving me to insanity
That only lives inside my head.
The day
That one day
The day that you were there but gone at the same time
The day where i thought you would still be here in my tomorrow
as how you were in a my yesterday.

Now your not my yesterday and you're not my tomorrows
your not under, but in a way beneath.
You're beneath my thoughts. Under my every surface.
In my head but not to be infront of my eyes.
How can someone or something so special
turn into something thats beneath a thought.
Something so far from a surface but
still be considered the surface of everything
You are the deeper surface underneath all the layers that i don't have to hide.
Always beneath my mind.

— The End —