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Nov 2020 · 1.8k
Nely Nov 2020
Kiss you in the places you have numbed. Choke you till you cough up an "I love you".
Nov 2020 · 201
Nely Nov 2020
Between the hours of 4 and 6 a.m you can hear the earth whisper its favorite secrets. The sun always yawns awake, while the moon shy's away. They both live in this moment. Simultaneously fluffing the clouds underneath their cheeks, one falling asleep and one waking, they huddle on top of their pillows and listen to the earth tell its stories. A lot of times I am awake, and they soothe my worries away.  They accompany me when the walls hush me. They never turn me away, even when their parting. We huddle together and we balance our heads and listen to what the earth has to say. Sometimes it's sad, and she weeps. The tears fall hard across the pavement. We try an offer her tissue. Other days its gruesome and the coldness hurts my bones, we offer her warmth. Some days its lonely, we offer her our company. Some days they're happy, we offer her gratitude. No matter the story we listen. & she too listens. There's days I can't sleep so I tell all that runs through my mind, she doesn't judge and neither does the moon or the sun. Nowadays I feel lonely, but I know they're there and they offer me comfort, but somedays I turn them away because I don't feel anything. I feel empty. I turn numb. Numb. Numb. Numb. I feel misunderstood and even I don't understand what should be understood. But they never leave, they visit me from the hours of 4 am to 6 am and even when one shuts its eyes and the other opens one, I know they're there and they're rooting me on. Earth says I don't need to understand how I feel just yet, but sometimes I wonder how long is 'yet'. But to live in the now, but for now go to bed.
Oct 2020 · 681
Nely Oct 2020
I come to the idea of seeing you again, soon. I see you soon and come to the idea of when I'll see you again. And when again appears to bring me again to seeing you, I ask when's the next time I'll get to spend time with you. When's our next tomorrow. Our next next day. I don't get tired of kissing those same lips, again and again. Those same spots. Again and again. Then new spots. Again and again. That  same piece of skin under your chin. I want again, and again. & one more time, and again.
Aug 2020 · 251
Nely Aug 2020
I now give my love out freely, it's your business what you choose to do with it
Mar 2020 · 140
Nely Mar 2020
There's a time where children's laughter is carried by the pump's water.
Where the music floods all corners of nyc.
Where even the train is on beat.
The sun shines hardest in NYC.
Mar 2020 · 144
Nely Mar 2020
Sometimes its beautiful outside.
The sun shines for miles and miles. The clouds swim without a current. The grass sleeplessly kiss my ankles. I can hear my heart knocking in my ears. I stand still & feel mother gaia cradling me. I think no moment like this will ever exist.
Mar 2020 · 526
Love Lost
Nely Mar 2020
wrote you love letters for 8 years and on the 8th I said I was done. I know one day someone will fall in love with you, but never with all of you.
I did that.
One day it'll be someone else's turn to rub their fingers across your forehead while you dip in and out of sleep. You'll sigh,
You'll say " Iove you" but you'll be caught off guard when it's not my voice that doesn't say " I love you too" I am lost love, for all my lovers.
Mar 2020 · 177
The Planets
Nely Mar 2020
Making stops from the sun to the moon
Who'd say i'd fall in love with you.
I'll land my feet on its dusky grey surface
Tell em Haze sent me,
Message you that i need better communication,
More assertion, more voice.
I'll skimp through 900 degrees,
I need the feminine energy to suffocate me
& i'll assert my drive across the reds
I'll write love letters to demos & phobos,
While i hang from the rings.
I'll take responsibility for falling in love with the stars, the moon and everything about you.
Mar 2020 · 151
Nely Mar 2020
If you ask me about me, I can honestly and painfully tell you I fall in love with people whom never been loved. I always want to pour myself in the mouths whom never tasted love. I suffocate them doing so. I drown them in it. I bury them. I love harshly, dangerously, strongly because loving them with the efforts and knowingness, that I too was never loved. Never understood. Never heard. I want to stand in for all that never was in their lives. I see deserving in them, deserving of all the love within me. My love is gluttonous.
Feb 2020 · 238
Nely Feb 2020
sometimes memories can make anyone seem alive no matter how long ago it was.
Jan 2020 · 261
Nely Jan 2020
There's things I never want to feel again. Not for them. Not for me. Not for no one. Not for no situation. There's things I never wanna see cause it'll be hot flashes of what used to be. Things I used to do. The person I used to cater too. The person I used to be. The person whom I've shed. That ain't me. Thats dead. Those aren't my feelings. Those aren't real. They're not real. I've healed. I've healed. They were. Believe me they were. But not no more. Those feelings don't belong to me, they don't right? Not more, no sir. The one with untended emotional wounds and unmet needs. The one you never tended, prioriorites you didn't feed. They don't belong with the new me. With the new year. With the new skin. They belong with the broken. The old me with kinks, swollen bottom lip. The teary eyed, the big brat. With the small hands that fit perfectly into yours. That's the old me with the old you. May they rest in peace. But they keep me up on nights like this, tell em please stop calling me. Please ** stop calling me.
Dec 2019 · 307
1:50 am
Nely Dec 2019
They say master what moves you. Can one really master a past presence that was once a favorite presence? One who's enterity is elsewhere with whomever. How can one master a has been? A one that isn't even a part of your today life? You've shed. Therefore, you're not entirely the person of 4 years ago whom I met. What mystery and answers lies within you, and what mastery may I develop in conjunction to you, to who's really you and who's who.
Oct 2019 · 127
A train
Nely Oct 2019
You're scared. Something about me arouses the forgotten ashes. The ones that have been spread far and wide in the back of your mind. I can tell that your involvement with me lights up parts of your brain that sends an SOS signal to your entire core. There's something within me that doesn't allow you to function how you'd like too. I'm skipping turnstiles and playing musical chairs in your brain, lighting up familiar triggers you can't quite figure. That's why you act like a relucilant adolescent, who only knows complications. You're not really complicated, you're stubborn. That's why your kisses are limited. Your touch is always as distant as possible. Reluctant at times. There's parts of me you're too afraid to touch, to maraud. Your lack of receptiveness completely turns me off. Makes me want to runaway without a say. Yet I know it'd be far more better if I played with fire and ignited a fire from your cupid's bow to your toes. Cease a fire across your body that you cannot calm. A fire that would consume your entirety. Devour your being. One that sparks your soul. & with my bare hands seed a soil that's been in need of loving. I have a fire match ready for you, hand delivered by a cherub. Let us consumate a taboo, you say when. Quickly I'll slide my thumb down the side of your lip, with my index finger adjacent to your top lip, cupping my fingers in, I'll pour in you the sweetest gasoline. Within you I'll ignite the parts you've neglected so much. Within you, they'll be a big bang, it'll be where our new love began.
Jul 2019 · 914
Nely Jul 2019
I still write you love letters with my favorite pen.

In my favorite book, on my favorite colored pages.


I still walk to the post office in Hope's of sending them out.

I send em out to the universe instead of you,

cause you no longer appreciate the colors of my love for you.
Jun 2019 · 287
Nely Jun 2019
There's dimensions in you that I miss exploring, and phases in you that I find myself entrapped in. Feelings in you that I find myself entranced with, and love, in you that I find myself falling for. Within you somehow I found myself, yet it took me to lose you to really understand this. Lost in the world I look up and ask for the bribing of our venal God that if he can convince you to explain to you that I can encumber the universe with my small hands and offer it to you in seconds. The stars, the moon, the tides, the sun, the blues & all your favorite hues. I can still envision you unlocking what many have failed to do. Pushing the small of my back, I can still hear you breathing down my spine, your breathing intertwined with my curls, ugh...& so I ask of you not to demur, but to opt in & give me what I ask of you.. even if its selfish please let me love you. Let me love you twice, let me love you right this time. I know I can get it right this time, I know because of my lack of understanding, insipience and insincerity it has led you to astray us, but I entrust in you and the universe to unravel your blindfold & understand the missing links in you that I can perfectly paint for you with the same hands that have always made love to you. This isnt an apologia it's a declaration of my love to you. This is a letter to you, to God, to the Universe, a manifestation in the works that I am putting out into the world. I love you & I love you for many more years to come.
Jan 2019 · 163
Nely Jan 2019
You showed me the skies has different hues, from the purest blues to the darkest purples. This one for you, who turned the sky upside down in one cue.
Dec 2018 · 303
Nely Dec 2018
This is for who I touched and I wanted to disintegrate on their skin. Whose touch electrified each hair on my body. Whose words echoed between each ear. For the one whose palms faced upwards and I spilled across like the stars with effect and no real cause. I felt like glitter in your hands. I felt like the universe in your presence. You made me the universe before I even knew I was. For those countless nights you made wishes on my stars. For those early morning you gently embraced me when I was dusk. & it was you who cooed my high tides when I was lost. You made me the moon, the stars, the sun, and sometimes earth.
Aug 2018 · 471
Nely Aug 2018
You are fragile, yet guile. & even though you say you dont feel the same way, through senescence you'll notice the truth. You'll piece the puzzle together as to why you came every night to see me. Why you stayed when my words were shards of glass. Why you enjoyed my pink and purple love letters on your toufee skin. Why you always found yourself leaving those places to stare off into space with me. Yet, you say there is nothing. Nothing. The absence of something. If that is the truth I have to live with, then so be it. But you'll count how many of those pretty empty ladies stay in orbit between your planets, stranded on your asteroid belt. You look closely, I'm this giant elliptical galaxy within the other galaxies that you'll never seem to escape. I'll dip your thumb In between my lips, glide your hand across the side of neck, through your lips I'll pour a burst of stars right through your cuspid & new stars will form en masse. Then you'll notice that these stars shine brighter, millions of times brighter than a sun like star, and maybe then you'll notice that you did feel something, even if I was only actively forming stars within you.

the absence of feelings, let me touch down twice. & if you really not feeling the kid, let me figure it out minus the lies. Cause ima still navigate through your vicinities, im still breaking down your complexities. I still have galaxies I need to finish building, just let me finish them
Feb 2018 · 381
Triple distilled Tequila
Nely Feb 2018
It doesn't burn my throat fast enough. It doesn't rebel against the other acids in the pit of my stomach. It doesn't make me want to clench my jaw and inhale profoundly. It leaves me alleviated. Leaves me in a trance. It's quite strange. Your absence affects me more than your presence. I'm always looking for answers that don't require to be answered. Yet here I am. With a triple distilled bottle of Tequila in one hand, and a flimsy phone in the other. I know you're not the type to ask who made me like this, but rather ridicule me for my abusive behavior. For the tactics and niche I picked up making me yet, so defensive . I'm unlearning it due to inheritance. I know you're not the type to care what traumas you tend to trigger, but I am the type to figure out what wounds are still fresh and what scars still remains. But who's to say I can differentiate, using it tactically or using it sadistically. I'm so attracted to what's so broken, and it hurts to look in the mirror because I reflect such brokenness. I leave my hand and foot prints on your sand and run away like I never moaned or whispered the sweetest lies.
Wrote to myself awhile ago: They're going to ridicule you, for how you love. I like that about me, I no longer hide anything.
Apr 2015 · 306
May you
Nely Apr 2015
I'll make it so difficult for you to love once again. May you fare well after my heartache, forever my dearest deepest love. May you farewell.
Apr 2015 · 671
Nely Apr 2015
Because enough is enough. If he is for me then we will find a way past this but I did it. And I do not feel happy nor sad, just numb. And I am well aware that tomorrow it will hurt more than ever. It will be splinters on my chest, iceless in every breath I take, and sting on my eyes for every blink I may take.
Apr 2015 · 6.1k
Nely Apr 2015
The lord hid the heaven's between her rib cage, but Satan has hid paradise between those thighs.
Apr 2015 · 245
Nely Apr 2015
They ask , how can you love someone who doesn't love themselves? Simple, you teach them.
Apr 2015 · 271
Nely Apr 2015
You think it's possible to forget how to make love to one whom you've possessed on countless night?
Apr 2015 · 354
I guess
Nely Apr 2015
I guess she was mad, but I don't think I ever had the chance to tell her I love the way I can puncture rain in my veins. Or the way I can swallow happiness wholesome. Her silence made the lambs quiver at night. And the constellation that spread from her thighs to the other, smoothly made anyone lose sight.

— The End —