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Laura Mar 27
I thought
I was
coming around
to the idea
of being alone
Because during the day
it's easy
to be so alone
It's not until
the night falls
that I realize
I need an inhaler
But the pharmacy
is closed
and I'm
all alone
in my mind
Which is a
dark, scary place

I was fine
I wasn't
and by then
I was alone
so nobody's here
to notice
I'm not fine
to notice
how alone I am
Laura Jun 13
I'm afraid
To make you
My muse
Because if
You break my heart
I'll have
A book of poems
That I'll
Never want to read
Laura Jul 2018
I like to wake up at 7 am
Because that's when he wakes up.
I rub my eyes
And groan about being awake before the sun.
He rolls over
And stretches his body out on his bed.
I want to kiss his forehead.
Tell him it's time to get up.
Time to get ready for the day.
I want to scratch his back.
Tell him I love him.
Tell him I can't wait for him to get home tonight,
Even though he hasn't even left yet.
His bed is miles away from my own
But when I wake up at 7 am,
It feels like we wake up in the same one.
Laura May 2018
R is for the rough times we've pulled through.
O is for the ordinary days that you make extraordinary.
S is for the sure thing we've got going.
E is for every purely golden moment that we spend together.

Without you,
My life would be through.
I don't even know what I would do,
Without you.

Without your smile,
I would never go that extra mile.
The entire world would be black and vile,
Without your smile.

Without your love,
In the sky I would never see another dove.
There probably would be no "up-above,"
Without your love.

So here's a rose for you, my love.
It means more than I can say.
So make sure it does not shrivel or wilt,
As there is but one rose in the garden.
Laura Aug 2018
You left me once
It was still kind of warm
At least for being the middle of October
My tears couldn't save me
No amount of begging
No matter how many times I said I loved you
Or I was sorry
You still left
Wouldn't even open the door for me
As I stood there
Fresh out of tears
With a box of birthday presents
For you

You were home
Just wouldn't open the door
I had no choice
But to leave
I didn't want to
But you made me
You made me leave that night
By shutting me out
I gave you everything
And you left me
You ******* left me

But now you want me back
You say you still love me
It's killing you
You don't even know what to say
Well I do
Because you left me
That warm night in October
And even though
You left me
I never stopped loving you
I tried, but...
I couldn't
Even though you left me
Laura Jul 2018
People tend to think it's an act
When you want to **** yourself
And it kind of is
You have to put on an act every day
In order to get through basic ****
Social interactions,
It's all an act
But you still want to die
That part most definitely isn't an act
That's the most real part of you
The deadest part inside
Is what's keeping you alive

The attention seeking *****
Seeks attention
Because they wonder if anyone actually gives a ****
Or if everyone else is putting on an act, too
Because if all the world's a stage,
And we're all just acting,
Then why not **** off some characters
Shakespeare got rid of Romeo and Juliet
And they were still famous
They were still the stars
And if you can be the star
But still be dead
Then why keep on living
When you're already dead inside
Laura Dec 2018
You'd rather be alone
Than be with me
Sleep alone
Than sleep with me
Love yourself
Than be loved by me

I never thought I was all that bad
Sweet smile
Kind eyes
Even kinder heart
Wrapping you in warmth and love
Giving you space when you need it
But apparently
I'm your last choice
Being with me is the end of the road
And you chose a different path
One where I was nowhere to be found

You wanted to be alone
Wanted to be independent
Said I was too much, emotionally
But before,
You said you didn't mind having me around
Said you didn't mind my emotions
Told me you loved me
On a daily basis
So either something changed
Or you were lying
And I want to know
The truth

Why you would rather be alone
Than be with me
Laura Jul 2018
In America
You're either rich or ******
Or privileged enough
To be ****** by the rich
Medical bills
Car insurance
Student loans
******* that nobody can afford
Yet everybody pays for
Because this is America
And we need to have it all
In America
I'm ******
Because I'm not a millionaire
And that's the kind of salary you need
In order to survive
Laura Aug 6
You were a waste of time
Waste of skin
Waste of space

But for some reason
I thought
You were worth it
Laura Jun 2018
Roses are sometimes red,
Violets are ******* violet, not blue
Poems **** when they rhyme
Laura May 2018
I took too many busporine,
But I'm still anxious.
I'm still ******* freaked.  
I'm still nervously shaking.
I'm still sputtering about.
I'm still worried why you haven't opened my message.

I know this whole thing is new.
I know you're probably sleeping.
I know you have a life outside of me.
I know you sometimes need a break from me.
But my anxiety doesn't.

My anxiety doesn't get that you're busy.
Anxiety doesn't get that you're sleeping.
Anxiety doesn't get that maybe you just want some space.
Anxiety doesn't get that I didn't do anything wrong,
And that your feelings for me haven't changed.

Anxiety is scared.
Anxiety is panicking.
Anxiety is popping one too many pills.
Anxiety is crying and trying not to cut again.
Anxiety is worrying that you've found someone else.
Anxiety is worried that you're out with them now and just ignoring me until you're ***** later tonight.

Jesus Christ, Anxiety.
Give me a break,
Quit giving me a battle.
Jesus ******* Christ, Anxiety.
Take a deep breath,
Try to stay rational.
Jesus ******* Christ, Anxiety.
I'm trying to salvage a relationship here,
And ruin the one I have with you.
Laura Sep 2018
You stand behind me
Holding my waist
As I swipe green glitter
Over my lids
You kiss my neck
When I
Blot my blush pink lips
You run your hands
Through my hair
As I try to brush
Knots and tangles out
I bat your hands away
While giggling a bit
You always try to bug me
But I don't mind at all
I like the attention
You don't want
To mess up my makeup
But you still kiss me
I can always reapply
I snort
Because blush pink
Isn't your color
And wipe it off your lips
With my thumbs
You look into my eyes
Tell me how pretty I am
And I can feel my cheeks
Turn red and warm
I swoon a little
Thank goodness
You're holding me tight
Because I just fell
In love
A little bit more
Laura Jul 2018
How do you tell someone
That you've got your own blood on your hands?
That you still haven't cleaned the knife that ran across your thighs?
That you can't even cry because you're ******* cried out?
That your legs are bright red
And each cut is still clearly identifiable?
That you want a ******* hug but the blade is the only thing offering comfort?
That you know it's wrong but you still did it?
That your blood is still there
Four hours later,
Because if you move you'll just cut again?
How do you tell someone all of that?
How do you tell someone that,
Without scaring them away?
How do you tell someone that,
And still have them love you?
Laura Mar 31
I rub my hands
Along my scalp
I watch the hair
Fall in the sink
Bleach blonde hair
With mousey brown roots
Locks upon locks
Falling to the sink
I tell myself I'm brave
I can do this
My hair will grow back
Yet I still cry
As I watch all the hair
That he touched
Fall to the sink
The hair that he stroked
The hair that he pulled
The hair that he brushed
out of my eyes
I watch him leave my head
Along with the last thing he touched
My hair
Laura Sep 8
I want you to
Touch my body
Grab my thighs
With enough force
To take my breath away

Just barely feel
The leather paddle
On my skin
Before you bruise my body
Sending me into submission

Whisper ***** words
Across my chest
Each time you go
From ****** to ******

Shock me with electric stimulation
Feel the sparks fly
Between us
Between my legs

Vibrate my ****
While you find the good spot
The great spot
The most glorious spot there is
And watch me writhe and moan
While you do it

Bite my neck
My *******
My waist
Letting me know that I'm yours
When you leave a mark

Take over my body
And tie me up
Cover my eyes
Lick my body
Until you feel
A river release from me
Until you hear
An elongated opera from me
Until you see
A woman whipped for you
Laura Jul 2018
Some people don't realize how much you cry when you throw up
How much you shake
How much your nose runs

Nobody likes to throw up
You feel like a ******* kid
With snot and bile dripping everywhere over the toilet
And your hands clenched to the bowl
Desperate for it to hold you back
And tell you you'll be alright

But I do it every day
Every ******* day
Because I can't afford
A lifetime on the hips

So I find my place on the floor
The place where I spread my towel
In order to make the cold, hard ground
Just a little more forgiving
I have toilet paper ready to wipe my mouth and nose
Because **** gets messy after the first retch of regret

But once it's all over,
You can't just tell people,
"I threw up everything I ate today."
You have to keep going
Like nothing ******* happened
Because otherwise they flock over you
And don't let you do it anymore
Laura Aug 30
You brought me out of
The darkness
Dusted my heart off
Gave it a little polish
Until you saw me shine
You took the cobwebs
And tossed them to the wind
With this new heart
Now up and running
You reminded me of
The feelings I thought I'd forgotten
Laura May 2018
I just want to die

not really,
but really

I'm just wanting an escape.
Wanting to leave this place
Leave the people
Leave the stress

I don't want any of it
Don't need anybody
just one
that's it

But I couldn't take him with me
He deserves better

I don't have any friends.
Don't get along with my parents.

I feel alone.
So just let me do it.
Let me go.

My wrists are already scarred.
My cheeks are already tear-streaked.
My will is already almost gone.
So just let me go.
Laura Aug 2018
I don't know
How many nights
It would take
To count the stars
But I would spend
Every night
For the rest of my life
Counting stars
Until I found you

For every star
I counted
I would give a reason
Why I love you

There probably aren't
Enough stars in the sky
Because my love
Stretches across
The endless entity
And beyond

You'll find me
Under the black velvet sky
Every night
Faithful to a fault
Counting those stars
Until I find you
Laura Feb 5
You left me again
For good this time
On a December day
That was icy and cold
Sweet and snowy
Shortly after Christmas
As I clutched your hand
And tried to ask
For your heart
For you to stay
For another chance

I still wait
For a text
Or a call
Every day
I pray
That you'll want me
Again one day
But I don't think
You're coming back
Like you did before
I don't think
You love me
Like you once did
If you do
At all

Because on that day
That December day
The weather wasn't
The only thing
Cold and icy
Your heart
Gave the weather
A run for its money
As you
Ripped mine
Out of my chest
Laura Jan 22
I can't deny what I felt
I never will deny what I felt
Because that was
The best ******* love
I ever had
I just wish
You had been ready
I wish
You could have accepted it all
Because nobody
Will love you
The way I did
And you threw that away
You threw me away
And as much as I would love
To say I regret it all
To say I hate you
To say I wish it never happened
To say I'd take it all back
I can't
Because I can't deny what I felt
When we were in love
When you loved me back
Laura Jan 24
I lay awake at night
Grasping for your hand
The hand that isn't there
The hand that will never
Be there
I toss and turn
Thinking about
What could have been
If only
You hadn't left
I imagine your lips
Tracing my neck,
My body
One last time
The one last time
That I didn't get
Because you knew
Before I did
And you shut me out
Starved me of
Your love
And it still
Keeps me awake
Late at night
When you're fast asleep
Miles away
In your big lonely bed
Because I never stopped
The empty space
Where you were
Laura Oct 9
Visions of ****
And burglary
Dance around in my head
As darkness creeps over me
And I turn on all the lights
In my empty apartment
When you're not here
I toss and turn
Through the night
Popping sleeping pills
Just to catch a wink
Daydreams turn into
Night terrors
As the dog barks
At every little noise
Making me aware
Of all the scary things
Outside my window
Someone knocks at my door
But I'm not expecting company
Even with the deadbolt
I don't feel safe
In this big empty bed of mine
As I sleep alone
Laura Aug 2018
Ever since we met
I haven't gone a day
Without loving you
I haven't known a day
Without your name
Written all over my ******* heart
It didn't take me long at all
To figure out that
You're kind of the one
The one I want to be with
You let me paint your nails
You think it's cute when I chow down on a burger
You tell me you love me when you're deep inside of me
You do face masks with me
You say my snort is adorable
And it all feels different
When I tell you I love you
It all feels true
For once in my life
Compared to all those times
In the back of my impala
When I said it just to get them to ***
So I could go home already
No this time it means something
And I've meant it since day one
When I said it in the laundry room
You looked back and smiled
While I blushed up a storm
The hurricane hit me hard
And changed my life forever
Laura Mar 21
He doesn't really love me
None of these guys do
They're just looking
For a quick, hot ****

I'm no different
Than a trip to McDonald's
Fast food
Fast ****
It doesn't have to be good
It just has to be quick
With a short line
Laura Jul 28
I'd love to eat
I don't know why
I struggle
To put food
In my belly
I don't know why
I cringe
Just writing the word:
That's a fat word
And I want
to be skinny
I shouldn't have
a belly
Full of stretch marks
that hangs
just a little bit
I shouldn't
Have to lift
it up
or lean forward
in order to see
My feet
Whoever gave me
this belly
made a mistake
a huge mistake
because I never
never ever asked
for one

I never
never ever asked
to be fat
Laura Sep 16
I fear the thought
of living without love
But more than that,
I fear the people
who are too afraid to love
because they'll never be able
to be real people
I fear these people
who choose to not love
because I don't know
if they're people at all
Laura Aug 2018
I'm a fool
For chasing after you
Day after day
You're a fool
For letting me go
Without you
We're both ****** fools
For loving each other
And not holding on tighter
But they always say
Only fools fall in love
I consider myself
One lucky fool
Because I got to love you
Even if only for a while
It was longer than most get to
You are
One lucky fool
Because you got my love
Whenever you wanted it
Even when you didn't
I'm just full of it
Two fools in love
Finding their way
Back to each other
Because love makes one strong path
And it's pretty easy to lead
Two fools in love
Laura Aug 2018
It seems like you don't get it
Just how much I care for you
Just how much I adore you
Just how much I love you
Just how much I want you
It seems like you take advantage of it
Like you don't actually care
How much I put into us
When I'm putting everything into us
Because you're the one I want to be with
There's a reason why I've picked you
Why I'm choosing to love you
I could love anyone
And I'm loving you
And you're taking that for granted
Because you know I'll never leave
You know I'll always be a phone call away
You know I'm waiting for you
Night and day
You know I'm always here
Because that's how much I ******* love you
But you don't get it
Laura Jan 23
I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
And now you're gone
You took my poems
And broke my heart
Leaving nothing
In its place
But tears and grief

I wrote all these poems
Especially for you
To show you just
How much I loved you
The words came naturally
From my heart
To my pen
And now it's just heartbreak
From the hole in my chest
To my pen
Laura Aug 2018
It's weird to have friends who are *****
You know they're not good people
But they're your friends
Your best friends
And they're not really cunty towards you
They're actually really nice
And they make you laugh
But there's this thing in the back of your mind
That wonders
Constantly, almost
If they're talking about you
If they're being cunty towards you
Behind your back
Because even though they are your friends
They're nothing more than *****
Who only really know how to be *****
Not friends
Laura Feb 16
I want what we once had
But I want it
With someone else
Because you didn't
My efforts

I just wish
I could find
A taker
Who wanted me
As much
As I wanted them

Because I'm tired of
Day dreaming
Over what
We once had

I'm through
Thinking of nothing
But ******* you

I'm through
Giving you time
That you don't
******* deserve

I'm through
Kissing frogs
And ******* ****
To get what
We once had
When I'm
So worthy of it
Without you
Laura Feb 18
When you write a poem
It makes **** more real

The emotions
Come to life
And you feel
All over again
Tears resurface
Anger bubbles over
All that ****
Comes back
Into existence
When all you wanted
Was for it
To go away

That's why
You wrote the poem
You wanted
All the ****
But writing it
Makes it real
All over again

Maybe that's
Why people
Don't write anymore
Maybe that's
Why people
Stop feeling things
Then they
Don't have
To feel them
Laura Mar 5
Three months later
And I still find
Your curly black hair
In my brush
In MY brush
Because for some reason
Three months later
I can't be rid of you
When I think I'm done
When I think I'm over
Finally finished
Thoughts of you
Plague my mind
Memories flood me
Dreams arouse me
And I am
I am yours
Once more
In those thoughts
Those memories
Those dreams
We're back
To the way we were
Wrapped in each other
Until I open my eyes
Shake my head
And scream
Scream at you
At the way
You ended things
The dream ends
And I remember
I'm just cleaning
A ******* hair brush
Laura Jun 2018
I look at the way my hand fits against yours.
Your light brown hand and my little baby hand.
You kiss my fingers one by one.
The sweet nothings you whisper in my ear mean everything to me.
As I stroke your chest and look into your dark brown eyes flecked with love and my own personal sunrise.
As I kiss your bicep and hear you tell me you love me.
As I climb on top of you and feel our bodies join together.
As I bend over and press my lips against yours while laughter escapes our smiles.
As I put my hands in yours and realize they are the hands I want to hold forever.
As I feel your eyes on my bare body and I'm finally okay with what you're seeing.
Laura Sep 13
I feel our hearts pulse
In a rhythmic sort of way
Matching our hips
As we ****** and sway
Hands laced together
Bodies closer than ever

You tell me I'm beautiful
While you're inside me
You tell me you're lucky
Luckiest guy in the world
As we're making love
And all my insides engorge
At the thought of someone
Thinking I'm beautiful
While they're penetrating my body
Rather, my heart

I kiss your neck
Your cheek
Your ears
Every square inch of skin
My lips can find
Because I've lost the words
Those words that say
Thank you
So I keep grinding
And swaying
And kissing
And moaning
And biting
Hoping you understand
How much I love you
Laura Sep 2018
My legs shake
And quake
As I feel
Our hearts beat
In tandem
Chests pressed together
Hearts pounding
To the same rhythm
As the music plays
In the dimly lit room
With the hibiscus candle off to the side
Lavender incense in the corner
Your favorite scents
String lights above us
Nothing in between us
Except our beating hearts
Keeping in time
With Florence
While she sings
About dog days and wrecked ships
My gold nails running down
The sweat on your back
Pressing you against me
To keep our hearts
Laura Sep 2018
It's dumb
How quickly
I get lost
In your eyes
Your **** brown eyes
Full of nuisance
And mayhem
That wrap me up
In a whole other world
And make me forget
About all other eyes

They're simple brown eyes
I don't know
What makes yours
So ******* special
Or why your eyes
Have such a hold
Over me
Because they're just eyes

We both know that's a lie
Those **** brown eyes
With warm, sensual flecks
With terror and mischief
Are unlike any other set
Of brown eyes
Which is insane
To even think about
Because most people
In the world
Have brown eyes
But yours are the only
Brown eyes
That have a hold over me
The only brown eyes
That make me
Fall in love
Every ******* day
Laura Jun 2018
It's always his smile that makes me melt.
His smile that tickles my soul, even when it's dark in the room.
I try to cast a cold facade,
But his warm eyes and easy going laugh turn me into a puddle.
His sweet words roll off his tongue and straight into my heart.
His big, muscular hands match up with mine.
He pokes fun at my little baby hands,
But kisses each finger with his plump brown lips.
Those decadent lips.
We giggle sweet nothings back and forth,
But those moments,
Those words,
They mean everything.
I sit up and stretch my arms.
He traces my body and kisses my back.
The three words I've longed to hear,
Finally escaping his breath.
I smile and melt back into him
As he pulls the covers over us.
Laura Jun 2018
The pain
The anger
The tears
All of it is worth it
Because I get you at the end of the day.

I get you.
Your ****-face grin with the crooked teeth.
Your long, muscular arms with the milk chocolate stretch marks.
Your strong thighs with the rugby scars.
Your tender kisses with the love behind them.
Your stupid jokes mumbled under your breath.
Your warm cuddles during our sweaty sleep.

I get it all.
That's why I endure the fights,
The lack of responses,
The drunken nights out.
Because the good far outweighs the bad,
And I get you.
Laura Feb 12
"Don't you want to make it work?"
I asked
Tears in my eyes
Begging you to stay
Clutching your hand
In desperation
My heart quivering
Fearing the answer
You might give

Nothing ever hurt me
As much as you saying
You didn't
You were done

The cold swept in
And took me away
Far far
From you
Because next to you
I was getting
Frost bite

No longer smitten
Just ******
And frost bitten
Laura Aug 2018
It's difficult to be pretty in this world
Because when you're pretty
You get *****
Because men don't know how to control themselves
Because when you're a man
You don't have to
Men are commended
For impregnating women
And being masculine rapists
Women are shamed
For getting pregnant
And being *****
Women were asking for it
Women should have known better
Women are supposed to be prepared
Nobody tells men not to ****
We hope it's common sense
But then we don't reprimand them
Because boys will be boys
But why can't boys be nice boys
And keep their hands to themselves
Stop hurting young women
Who really don't want to be *****
I don't know why
Men keep ****** women
It isn't fun
Nobody is asking for it
The definition of ****
Is *** that isn't asked for
But guys do it anyway
Because women are too afraid
To speak up
To live in this world
Ruled by ****** men
Laura Dec 2018
Picnics on the frozen beach
Getting buzzed on a bottle of warm rosé wine
Popping pimples before steamy showers
Falling asleep during the last episode of our show

I'm glad none of that meant anything to you
I'm glad you didn't want to try anymore
I'm glad none of it was worth salvaging
I'm glad I wasn't worth fighting for
I'm glad you'd rather be alone
Than smile and laugh with me

Road trips to bumfuck anywhere
Baking at all hours of the day
Sleeping in until past noon
*** until three am
Kisses every hour
Concerts in dive bars and sketchy auditoriums
Getting lost trying to find our way

I'm glad it was all just a waste
I'm glad you don't give two *****
I'm glad it was never worth it
I'm glad it was just ammo
Perfect for your gun
To shoot into my heart
Laura Mar 3
I want you to know
That I'm the best
You'll ever have
Because not many
Could put up
With your *******
Your indecisiveness
Your inattentive responses
Your tired love making
Your hurtful jokes
Your empty love

Move on fast
Move on slow
Search high
Search low
I'll still be
The ******* best
You ever had
And that's
Your cross
To bear
Because I'm still
The best
And you're just alone

Lost without me
Without my love
Without my lips
Without everything
That makes me
The best you've
Ever had
Laura Jul 2018
The chest falls up and
The chest falls down
The nose breathes in and
The nose breathes out
The eyelids flicker slightly and
The lips quiver none
The muscles twinge and
The veins pulse

His body is so serene
I imagine it every night
When I fall asleep
In my little twin bed
I scoot over
And make room for him
For his chest to fall up
And to fall down
For his nose to breathe in
And to breathe out
For his eyelids to flicker
And lips to not quiver
For his muscles to twinge
And veins to pulse
I want him to have room
Laying beside me
In my little twin bed

He calls me on the phone
And I hear it all
I see it all
I feel my hand draped
Over his curly little chest hairs
My pale dainty hand
Falling up with his chest
Falling down with his chest
I feel so close
Even from 250 miles away
No words need be spoken
Just breathing and snores
As we lay next to each other
Through the night
In my little twin bed
Laura Jan 6
I've got the urge
To cut up a storm
Create hurricanes on my legs
Tornados up my arms
While tears rain down
And thunder claps
As I huff out hot air
The only thing
Keeping me warm
Is my shaking
My shivering
While I lock myself in a tundra
Hoping to die somehow
Laura Sep 2018
I can see my breath
And for some reason
That frightens me
For some reason
I'm very frightened
By everything today
I'm frightened
By my own thoughts
By my own existence
Just by being alone
And I don't know
If that's normal
I don't know
If people understand
What that's like
To be afraid
Of the mind
You live in
To be afraid
Of the life
You were born in
But it's scary
And I don't like it
I don't like
Seeing my breath
I don't like
Seeing my veins
I don't like
Feeling my pulse
As I live my scared life
Because I'm truly frightened
By everything in my mind
And I don't know how to stop it
I don't know how to change it
I don't know what to do
And that scares me
Laura Sep 2018
We're both sweating
As the fan blows over
Our naked bodies
The air conditioner is broken
And we can't beat the heat
So we create our own

Passion between the sheets
"I love you so much"
You whisper in my ear
I close my eyes
To prevent the tears
But bring you closer
As we ******
And try to breathe
While I gasp,
"I love you too"

I hold your stomach
Hugging you tight
Kissing your belly button
Looking up into your eyes
You sit down and hold me
So I can bury my head
Into your stubbly, curly chest

"It's okay,"
"You can cry if you want to,"
You tell me
As I breathe heavily
Unsure of why
I'm even crying in the first place
You kiss my cheeks
After wiping away my tears
With your beautiful brown thumbs
I can't help but cry more
With every peck from your lips

You pour me sparkling cider
And kiss the raspberry apple bubbles
Off my lips
I try to stop crying
As I tell you
I love you
As I tell you
How important you are to me
But I'm drunk in love
And the tears keep falling
So you keep kissing them away
As you tell me it's okay to cry
Laura Aug 2018
I never knew his last name
But I still remember his face
I still remember
The way he grabbed my neck
And pushed me down
Because he loved me
He got off
And I got scared
Because he loved me
And I was desperate
In his ****** apartment
On the tan colored L-shaped couch
While Nickelodeon played in the background
Covering up the sound of my painful moans
"I'm tired"
I say
"I've never done this before"
I say
"I haven't shaved in a while"
"I don't feel ****"
"I just got off work"
But I'll do it if I love him,
He says
He'll even wear a ******,
He says

I can't muster up the courage to cry
Even though you're supposed to cry when it hurts
He doesn't look at me when he's done
Just tells me to go
He loves me
But doesn't want me around
In case his roommates come home
That would be kind of awkward
To catch someone in the middle of ****** a girl
A girl who's tired
Who's never done this before
Who hasn't shaved in a while
Who doesn't feel ****
Who just got off work
Yeah, that would be kind of awkward
Laura Aug 2018
Jesus Christ
You seem pretty ****** nice
At least that's what people say
Praising your name
Saying you're the man
But I'm still not convinced
Jesus Christ
Even though
You seem pretty ****** nice
I just wish
I didn't get the short end
Of the stick
How come I'm getting
The short end
Of the stick?
If you're so nice
Why can't you cut a chick
A break?
I'd appreciate it
A whole ****** lot
Cause you see
I'm pretty tired
Of having to fight
Every single day
To stay alive
I know things are worth it
When you have to work hard
But why do I have to
Work so **** hard
When other people
Have a pretty blessed life?
How do you decide
Who gets it easy?
And why did I get ******?
Jesus Christ
You seemed nicer
Than this
Evil life
Was I wrong?
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