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Laura Aug 30
You brought me out of
The darkness
Dusted my heart off
Gave it a little polish
Until you saw me shine
You took the cobwebs
And tossed them to the wind
With this new heart
Now up and running
You reminded me of
The feelings I thought I'd forgotten
Laura Aug 26
I don't like the rain
It makes me sad and cold
It sends bones down my spine
And shivers to my cold
Something like that

I just want to hide
Deep inside
Feel you holding me tight
Kissing my cheek
And my forehead
Pecking each finger
Calming my waters
During my earthquake

Your heart beats in tandem
With each clap of thunder
Eyes blinking
As lightning strikes
You're the only storm
I'm willing to weather
Put me in the middle
Of your hurricane heart
Until I'm washed away
Lost in the shores of your love
Twisted in a love tornado
Just our bare bodies
In the middle of a storm
Laura Aug 25
I write about
People I love

But I'm afraid
to write
about you

Just in case
you don't
love me back
Laura Aug 6
You were a waste of time
Waste of skin
Waste of space

But for some reason
I thought
You were worth it
Laura Jul 28
I'd love to eat
I don't know why
I struggle
To put food
In my belly
I don't know why
I cringe
Just writing the word:
That's a fat word
And I want
to be skinny
I shouldn't have
a belly
Full of stretch marks
that hangs
just a little bit
I shouldn't
Have to lift
it up
or lean forward
in order to see
My feet
Whoever gave me
this belly
made a mistake
a huge mistake
because I never
never ever asked
for one

I never
never ever asked
to be fat
Laura Jun 13
I don't know
If I'm just
Too afraid
To let you go
Because you're
Someone familiar
Or if
I truly can't
Let you go
Because I'm still
So very in love
With everything you are
But either way
You're breaking my heart
By not loving me back
By not wanting me
By leaving me so cold
And I never thought
That being in love
Would hurt so much
Laura Jun 13
I'm afraid
To make you
My muse
Because if
You break my heart
I'll have
A book of poems
That I'll
Never want to read
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