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May 2020 · 159
Dawns Delights
CLARYT May 2020
It's sublime!
The midnight back stroke,
The 3am kiss on the neck,
The 5am feeling of groin reunion,
That sweet, musky scent,
The scent of dawn love,
Raw, warm tingly dawn redemption,
The ***** relief from loves slumber,
When we get to indulge,
Sublime, my love,

(C)  26/05/2020
Apr 2020 · 136
CLARYT Apr 2020
Can I drink you in?
Will you swear it can happen?
Come and quench my thirst.

Mar 2020 · 101
CLARYT Mar 2020
It's all emerging
I've always known you were here
And now the mist clears

(C) 05/03/2020
Mar 2020 · 67
CLARYT Mar 2020
I should be the one,
When the night holds you captive
You should call to me

(C) 05/03/2020
Mar 2020 · 67
CLARYT Mar 2020
Hold tight my darling,
Because when we soar upwards,
Nothing can stop us.

(C)  03/03/2020
Mar 2020 · 131
CLARYT Mar 2020
Take heed of the prize,
For all too often it flies,
Right before our eyes

(C)  02/03/2020
Mar 2020 · 76
CLARYT Mar 2020
When you hurt someone,
The whole world turns black and white
And rosy cheeks fade

(C)  01/03/3020
Feb 2020 · 71
CLARYT Feb 2020
I had it,
Right here in the palm of my hand,
But my stupid,
Relentless insecurities,
And failure to believe,
Has cost me my life,
My reason for living,
Of course, I will go on,
But never the same,
My glass is shattered,
Shattered, my glass.

Feb 2020 · 74
Mumsy HAIKU #11
CLARYT Feb 2020
Two years to the day,
I still can't believe you're gone,
I miss you mumsy.

(C)  26/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 70
CLARYT Feb 2020
I am in awe of you,
In a constant state of wonderment,
Why me?,
How am I enough for you?,
I made the grade!,
You chose me,
I am yours,
All yours, forever,
I am in awe of you,
Don't ever let me go.

(C)  24/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 72
CLARYT Feb 2020
I will still love you
You dropped a building on me
I will still love you

(C) 24/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 66
CLARYT Feb 2020
I will still love you
You dropped a building on me!
I will still love you

(C)  23/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 67
CLARYT Feb 2020
I'm missing a piece
There's a you shaped hole in me
I need it back please

(C) 20/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 71
CLARYT Feb 2020
How do I cope?,
Without you here,
Do I ****** a million words that have no association to you?,
Do I work my fingers to the bone until I'm too tired not to cope?,
Pistols at dawn with my own thought process,
Who will win?,
You.. You win.. Every time.
You always will

(C)  19/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 67
CLARYT Feb 2020
What lies before me?
I'm afraid to face the day,
So I roll over

(C)  19/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 61
Caroline (flack)
CLARYT Feb 2020
They hound and they snap
Driving you over the edge
Yet they never stop

(C) 15/02/2020
TV presenter Caroline Flack took her own life today, amidst paparazzi relentlessness
Feb 2020 · 65
CLARYT Feb 2020
I want you my love,
Why can't the universe see,
And let me have you?

(C)  14/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 65
CLARYT Feb 2020
I know I love you,
But the universe must not,
As you're still not here

Feb 2020 · 66
CLARYT Feb 2020
Kiss me there,
Like you would kiss my mouth,
Touch me there,
Like you would touch my heart,
Circle, back and forth,
Slow and rhythmic,
Hard and frantic,
Make it hurt so beautifully,
But make it soon,
I'm craving it, you, us

(C)  12/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 65
CLARYT Feb 2020
When I scan your face,
Every inch makes me want more
I want all of you
Feb 2020 · 77
CLARYT Feb 2020
I think I hurt you
I did not mean to do that
Can you forgive me?

(C)  11/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 67
CLARYT Feb 2020
My scars are ugly
But you see past all of that
Embracing them all

(C)  10/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 70
CLARYT Feb 2020
Every scar,
Every deception,
Every bomb shell,
Led me right here,
So I would never,
Ever change a thing,
I'd do it all again and more,
Because right here,
Is where you and I,
Are destined to be...

(C)  10/02/2020
Feb 2020 · 75
CLARYT Feb 2020
I thought I felt you
Alas it was just a dream
Now I lie alone

(C) 2020
Feb 2020 · 92
Stake My Claim
CLARYT Feb 2020
If I took a cup of water from the Ocean,
Would it notice?,
I would, I’d know ,
If I stole a snowdrop from the ground,
Would the earth know?,
I would, I’d know,
If I stake my claim over your heart ,
Openly ask before taking,
Will You allow it?,
I stake my claim before you now,
Will you?,
Be mine until the last ocean runs dry,
Until the final snowdrop dies?........

(C) 07/02/2020
Unbending, unconditional love
Jan 2020 · 80
Sweet Slumber
CLARYT Jan 2020
She's evasive at best,
I beg her nightly,
Come visit me, please,
My body is tired
And my mind is too,
I need her here,
I need the velvet pillow of release,
Release from consciousness,
Just one night uninterrupted,
I long for her,
I long for sweet slumber

(C) 30/01/20
When ones mind won't stop stirring.. Over thinking and pondering to the extreme
Jan 2020 · 68
Sweet anticipation
CLARYT Jan 2020
I know we're on a roll babe,
I love the time we share,
I know you love me now though,
I've yet to travel there,
These voices in my head dear,
They toy with me so much,
I worry you will tire love,
I'm not afraid as such,
Just thinking way too loud but,
My quietened mind is close,
For you have made a promise,
And you, I trust the most,
Just tell me that you love me,
And love my quirky ways,
So we can get to living,
Our next one million days...

(C) 22/01/2020
Jan 2020 · 53
CLARYT Jan 2020
The void I felt before the light,
I begged the moon with all my mite,
I never knew that you were there,
To kiss my face, and stroke my hair,
I thought you were but faint a dream,
I dared to fantasise extreme,
You hovered over me that night,
And when I died, you gave me life,
You're just within my grasp my love,
Can almost taste that velvet glove,
Keep looking forward, right at me,
Don't lose your focus, now you're free,
That sweet redemption we have searched,
Love's a right, we both deserve.......
I love you!

(C)  19/01/2020
# love # freedom # soul mate #....
Jan 2020 · 61
CLARYT Jan 2020
I've travelled,
I've healed,
Been revealed,
Ive waited,
Breath bated,
But you?,

I've cried,
Been denied,
I've sobbed,
And been robbed,
I've been clean,
Been obscene,
But you?,

You have tamed me,
Never maimed me,
You have loved me,
Soared above me,
Freed my sorrow,
Cupids arrow,
Yes, you,

(C)  17/01/2020
Upon finding true, Unfiltered love, one becomes euphoric
Jan 2020 · 259
Sweet Destruction
CLARYT Jan 2020
I fear you,
Always have,
Yet I love you,
How is that?,

you violated me,
I was young,
You remember?
What you've done?,

Saw you lately,
Felt the same,
But I'll always,
Know your name,

Winter, dark days,
Many names,
Doesn't matter,
They're all the same,

I have solace,
Take a note,
Someone loves me,
He's my coat,

He's my blanket,
Keeps me safe,
You can do one,
See my face?....

(C) 13/01/2020
Horrid memories of extreme weather, but I have a lovely focus now.
Jan 2020 · 147
Completion?/ Or Failure?
CLARYT Jan 2020
The first,
Finding myself,
Discovering the nurture,
Realising the impatience,
Encountering the unconditional love,

The second,
Oh, the second,
Sheer bliss,
For a while,

The third,
Mastered it!,
Yeah, right,
No instruction manual,
Complexity in full swing....

(C)  13/01/2020
Parenthood, at its best.... And worst...
This could be applied to several facets in life, I guess
Jan 2020 · 58
Deadly Shadow
CLARYT Jan 2020
It lurks,
Like a cancer,
Over my shoulder,
That essence had a stab at it,
It failed,
It's my turn, let me be,
It's my turn,
I will succeed where It failed,
I promise to adore,
I swear to nurture,
The gift from the gods,
The gift, it failed to see......
I pray this gift remains with me,
But, it lurks, always, lurks....

(C) 08/01/2020
Jan 2020 · 90
Impending Shift
CLARYT Jan 2020
There's a storm brewing,
A shift in air quality,
The prelude to a monsoon,
That hush before the deluge,
But this storm is not headed our way,
This storm, his one will bypass you and I my love,
For this reckoning is heading for those who wronged you,
A reckoning, not of your making, but for your benefit,
Yours and mine, let it be, leave it alone,
And let us begin our transition,
They will emerge unscathed, but told, informed.......

(C) 07/01/2020
Leaving behind a life which no longer serves us, emerging into a new, loving and nurturing life, with one that simply cannot function without the other.
Jan 2020 · 56
That Dream
CLARYT Jan 2020
You know the one,
Where we are wrapped around eachother,
The outside world is but a soft whisper,
A dreamlike state envelops us,
All we see is eachother,
All we feel, is eachother,
Fitting like two pieces of a puzzle,
Loving like two frantic beings,
That dream,
You know the one,
Where we fall into each other's personal space,
And the things we do do eachother need no explanation,
Where nothing else matters,
Nothing else matters,
But you, and I,
That dream....That's the dream I dream tonight...
And always, until I make it our reality...

(C) 07/01/2020
Jan 2020 · 49
Dare I?
CLARYT Jan 2020
Dare I?,
Dare I think it?,
That he loves me?,
Is it really true?.......

(C) 2020
Dec 2019 · 90
CLARYT Dec 2019
There is another,
A thief,
A past taker,
A future lacker,
An aponent if you like,
There is competition,
A rival,
One who had you,
But broke you,
I've claimed you as mine,
She can try,
But she will fail,
Let the game of pursuit,

(C) 31/12/2019
Nov 2019 · 212
CLARYT Nov 2019
The gods and goddesses,
They gathered,
And decided,
That I am to be yours,
I thank them daily.

(C) 16/11/2019
Nov 2019 · 237
How Come?
CLARYT Nov 2019
I am but a simple soul,
Floating in this sphere,
But somehow all the gods around us,
Chose to bring you here,
I've never had a lot of friends,
And strived to do what's right,
But this feels like a golden fleece,
You've brought me back to life,
How come the gods chose me for this?,
I don't deserve it surely,
Your love envelops me so much,
You give it out so purely,
I thank them every single day,
For bringing you to me,
And pray you never leave my side,
How come, I'm lucky me?.......

(C) 2019
Being thankful for the love we receive from that someone miraculous,
Nov 2019 · 180
Stare Off
CLARYT Nov 2019
I'm sat here quietly, eating my tea,
My dog is here also, staring at me,
She's just had her meal, so why is she looking?,
She munched at it happily, while I was cooking,
Her eyebrows are raised, and she's sat bolt upright,
She'll raise her paw lovingly, poor little mite,
Or is she just greedy, and wanting it all?,
I should banish her from here, into the hall,
The both of us staring, with gazes so bold,
And while playing this stare off, my tea has gone cold........

(C) 2019
A game of stare with my dog resulted in my dinner going cold.... Simple as that really
Nov 2019 · 231
CLARYT Nov 2019
Distracted by the monotony of life,
I missed it when you drifted in,
Suddenly, you were there,
Causing my heart to flutter,
Offering me solace, shelter,
You hit me like a freight train,
Clean off my feet,
And now I'm enveloped by you,
Distracted by the monotony of life,
I missed it, when you drifted in............

(C) 04/11/2019
When love swoops in, taking us totally by surprise... That...
Oct 2019 · 194
Lord Mountjoy
CLARYT Oct 2019
The night was fun,
She felt quite drunk,
The taxi left without her,
She wrapped her shawl,
And shed her shoes,
The night was all about her,

She walked and sang,
Quite merrily,
So unaware of danger,
A shadow showed,
A figure pounced,
She stood to face a stranger,

Her eyes were wide,
She shrieked with fright,
His knife rose up to cut her,
Her throat gaped open,
Her blood flowed downwards,
Her flesh sliced up like butter,

Excitement grew,
He felt the rush,
And moved on to her gut,
His knife took on,
It's own cruel life,
He continued with his eyes shut,

The moon gave off,
An eerie glow,
Blood tasted just like wine,
Another fix,
For lord Mountjoy,
Strolls home to plan next time....

(C)  2019
Oct 2019 · 206
Hedge Witch
CLARYT Oct 2019
She sits at night spinning spells of love and luck,
Splashing over hair, then hiding under rocks,
Chanting affirmations over darkened mirror,
Making talisman with earthly blessings for the wearer,
Waxing moon, waning moon, full or half or crescent,
She will make it go away or teach someone a lesson,
Your deepest wish she'll grant, for that is the hat she does,
She draws upon the ocean tides without a hint of fuss,
But never will she use her power to hurt or mame or ****,
A hedge witch only beckons love, but not against your will,
An alter made from beauty, with the softest female touch,
And vestments worn with good intent, to bring to you so much,
Next time you see a hedge witch, tilt your head and say hello,
As she may help you out someday, and you would never know.

(C)  2019
Oct 2019 · 226
The Dark Room
CLARYT Oct 2019
Blackboard paint,
Round silver handle,
Peeking through the crack,
Black light,
A singular chair,
Right in the middle,
Light bulb swinging,
From the ceiling,
And all my horrors,
Piled high in stacks,
Like magazines,
Jam packed.

(C) 23/10/2019
There's a corner of my mind I call the dark room, where all my fears, horrors, bad memories and failures are stored.
Oct 2019 · 1.4k
Him. Not You
CLARYT Oct 2019
If I seem broken on the inside,
It was him. Not you,

(C) 23/10/2019
Scars left by another, seen by the one who loves us now
Oct 2019 · 445
Making Art
CLARYT Oct 2019
Dip it, your brush,
Into my ***,
And sweep it across my mouth,
Grip it, my throat,
Squeezing your thumbs,
And slowly begin to move south,
Kiss it, my breast,
Taste with your tongue,
Savour the mound with delight,
Sup it, my ***,
Drink from the well,
Make art with me, into the night.

(C) 2019
******* is the most sublime form of art, in my opinion
Oct 2019 · 796
Sweet nectar
CLARYT Oct 2019
The biggest compliment a woman can pay a man, is to release this sweet nectar before, during, and after the art that is love making..
You're welcome guys....

(C)  2019
What a beautiful compliment a woman can give a guy
Oct 2019 · 158
Wrestling With The Devil
CLARYT Oct 2019
He's hiding out there,
Set to pounce,
He eats your sweet dreams,
Every ounce,
His cloak of nightmares,
Creeping in,
When you feel dodgy,
It begins,
The paranoia,
Endless tears,
The constant sleeping,
Silly fears,
A fresh assessment,
Doctors room,
A new prescription,
Numbing doom,
Your death averted,
This time round,
But with the devil,
You'll be found........

(C) 2019
The battle with depression is a very real one, the ongoing to and fro of the processes.
Oct 2019 · 126
Dream... Damn!
CLARYT Oct 2019
I felt you kiss me,
But alas love,
It was just a dream.

(c) 6/11/2019
Oct 2019 · 98
Cruel slumber
CLARYT Oct 2019
I felt the warm touch
Of your breath on my skin
The goosebumps gave way to
Swollen wanton lust
We wrapped ourselves around each other
And gladly obeyed what nature desired from us
A loud noise stole me from my sleep
No! Just a dream.. Again.
Always, just a dream

(c) 6/11/2019
When one longs for that one true love, all one can do is dream
Oct 2019 · 236
CLARYT Oct 2019
How deep does this love go?,
I can't see the bottom,
How deep do your eyes delve?,
They pierce me forever,
How deep have I fallen?,
I'm still plunging.
(c) 05/11/2019
Love... Falling into it. Resistance is foolish
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